iPhone connects with school children

Studywiz helps students and parents to keep track of school work

Learning using books, pens and paper is so last century – now, UK school children are to use Apple iPhones in the classroom.

Studywiz, an online learning management system, has just been made accessible on the Apple iPhone for the first time in the UK. Good news for school kids then, as having a cool new device to hand is likely to encourage learning on the go, outside the classroom.

Using an Apple iPhone, teachers, students and parents can log onto the Studywiz system through the Safari web browser to access various interactive and media-rich tools. For example, students can take tests, access real-time information, submit assignments or join in blogging. Parents can keep on top of their child’s performance by accessing student reports and view their assignments from the Apple iPhone.

Works on iPod touch too

Australia-based software firm Etech Group is behind the Studywiz system, which has already been trialled in Edinburgh, Australia and the US. Geoff Elwood, CEO of Etech Group, told us Studywiz has proven to work on the Apple iPod touch and now it’s "perfect for the Apple iPhone".

“What is really is exciting is that the Apple iPhone takes mobile learning to a whole new level because now students have full functionality and mobility of Studywiz from the palm of their hand,” Elwood said.

“Studywiz is designed to integrate seamlessly with an Apple iPod touch and now we have adapted the Studywiz interface so that it’s fully compatible with the Apple iPhone – making it even easier for teachers, students and parents to interact with and use.”

Studywiz is currently used in 16 countries around the world. It is accredited by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) to supply the learning platform to 29,000 schools in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Studywiz Apple iPhone interface is currently in being piloted and is due for release in the coming months.