Build your own mobile phone

The zzzPhone looks like standard fare on the outside, but what its insides look like is entirely up to you...

Fancy creating your own mobile phone, built to your specifications? Then head over to zzzPhone, a firm that lets you customise your handset when ordering.

When ordering a mobile phone from zzzPhone, you choose a base model and colour, then pick what components you like, and their specifications. You can add functionalities such as a high-resolution 7-megapixel camera sensor, GPS features, or additional storage of up to 4GB to your phone, in the same way Dell sells its computers.

Better than Nokia N95, iPhone

US-based zzzPhone said it uses the same "high quality components as major brands Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and Samsung; these unlocked, tri-band mobile phones deliver features that exceed those offered on the ultra-popular Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone, at less than half the price."

You'll also be able to add pre-loaded music and movies on to your handset, as well as "stereo-quality" speakers and a TV tuner. The zzzPhone mobile phones are said to be running on "Windows Mobile 6 or equivalent" operating systems. You can also use two SIM cards simultaneously on the same phone, as two SIM card slots are provided.

The only drawback for us here in the UK is that the phones work everywhere in the world, except for "some European carriers". Prices start at $149 (£76).