iPhone 7 launch as it happened

10.22 - It's hard to care about this collaboration on screen when we already know there's a new iPhone coming. However it does look good to see this collaboration working together, on Mac, iPad, iPhone or web - but this isn't the first time it's happened.

10.20 - Real time collaboration is now part of the mix - and they're going to try and demo it onstage. WAIT - MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT - Apple just leaked the whole new iPhone on its Twitter feed apparently (it's now been deleted).


Water-resistant, stereo speakers, and still called the iPhone 7. Interesting.

10.18 - There's a beauty to the simplicity and joy when talking about Mario on the iPhone - you can battle with friends and others around the world on the go too - although the weird bit about 'impressing Toads' sounds odd.

It'll be a set price, meaning there won't be in app upgrades to purchase. That's decent.

Next up: a talk about iWork.


10.09 - Mario is coming to the App Store! Nintendo is giving up its plan to not be on mobile... Shigeru Minamoto from Nintendo - the big Daddy - is on stage. People are losing their sh*t here.

He's talking up how Mario has surpassed all platforms he's encountered. 'Let's go, iPhone!'

10.07 - 140 billion apps have been downloaded, and there's a 106% increase in app downloads. And it's generated twice the revenue than Google Play - 'this, of course, is great for users', intones Tim, while he clears his throat. He's got a tickle there.

10.06 - You'll be able to watch the Apple Music iTunes Festival from your Apple devices when it's streamed from London. Oh, that's all done now. We're onto apps now.

10.05 - 'Some great things to show us' - and we're starting with Apple Music, says Tim. 17 million subscribers now apparently.

Tim cook

10.03 - He's coming on stage now! On the video he's come in through a backstage entrance and then come on in real life! He was going to put on the sunglasses that were in the video - comedy ones - but he's too classy for that, throwing them offstage.

10.00 -Tim is doing a bit on screen with James Corden, doing Carpool Karaoke. He's mocking internet leaks and put Pharrell Williams in the back. Baller.

09.45 - Rhianna has just started playing, is it a sign? Probably not, it's just good clean pop. I can see Eddy Cue, bet he loves a bit of Rhi Rhi.

Apple iPhone 7 launch event

The stage awaits

09.35 - Don't forget you can watch along live, but do keep an eye on our liveblog here for expert analysis, witty remarks and Apple-speak translations. In other news, Jimmy Iovine will be sitting in front of me (he must be running late, his chair is still empty).

09.30 - In my seat, and things look very different to WWDC. We're hearing the announcement will last at least 90 minutes, so make sure you're sitting comfortably. I certainly am.

Apple iPhone 7 launch event

There are a few people in here

09.15 - I've arrived! Badge in hand, and a song in my heart. Black badge = black iPhone? Maybe.

Apple launch event

07.40 - Good morning Mr Cook! Not a bad looking photo there - shot on an iPhone 7 by any chance?

Apple iPhone launch event

06.00 - What will the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus look like? Are Jony Ive and Apple about to pull a whole new design language out the bag, or are we're going to stick with the rounded slab which has served it well since the iPhone 6?

It seems it's the latter which is going to win out today, with leaked shots claiming to show the new iPhone revealing slightly tweaked antenna bands, larger camera senses, and not a lot else.

05.00 - There will be quite a few people wanting to know the iPhone 7 release date and iPhone 7 price. Here at TechRadar we can have the best deals sent direct to you, so you get the new iPhone for a great price. Just pop your email address in the form below, sit back, and wait for the deals to roll in.

04.00 - LIGHT THE BEACONS. ALERT THE ELDERS. The Apple Store is down. It happens every time the firm holds an event, and every time it sends a tingle down our spine. We're not sure why, because we know the reason behind it - Apple's getting all its new product pages ready for us.

What it does mean is we're just hours away now. Six, to be exact.

Apple iPhone launch

Just for me? You're too kind

03.00 - As Tim Cook rolls over in bed, his wireless AirPods fall out of his ears. The audiobook he was listening to before falling asleep automatically pauses when it senses the pods are no longer lodged in the Apple leader's ears.

On his nightstand sits an iPhone, but not one you've seen before. Its blue-ish tint bounces the moonlight creeping through the curtains onto the large mirror at the foot of his bed, filling the room with an ambient glow.

At least, that's what we assume is happening. Talk of new headphones is rife, with potentially wireless earbuds with built-in heart rate sensors being included in the box. That would be great, but we're not sure Apple is prepared to take that leap just yet.

Something we're a little more confident about, though, is a new color (or colors) for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

00.13 - As the clock ticks over into September 7, Apple has finally made use of its new Twitter account to say "Today's the day" as it teases its special event.

Apple iPhone launch

Oh you big tease, Apple
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