New Nest Aware plans make owning multiple cameras more affordable

(Image credit: Future)

Nest (which is now owned by Google) has made owning multiples of its smart security camera/doorbell range more affordable with the introduction of two new price plans.

Currently, if you own more than one Nest camera product (such as a Nest Hello doorbell and the Cam IQ Outdoor security camera) you need to have a subscription for each individual product if you want to take advantage of the live recording and face recognition services.

However, from January 2020 things will get a little simpler. During the Google Pixel 4 launch, the search giant revealed its new Nest Aware plans.

Cover for all your cams

The new standard Nest Aware price plan offers up to 30 days of events recording and will cost you $6/£5 per month (or £50 per year), covering all Nest devices in your home.

For those of you looking for more comprehensive coverage, the new Nest Aware Plus plan will give you up to 60 days of events recording, plus 10 days continuous recording for $12/£10 per month (or £100 per year). 

Again, this will cover all Nest cameras in your home, so if you were to add more in the future, you wouldn't have to pay more for your Nest Aware subscription.

If you currently have just one Nest camera, or a considering a single purchase, the firm's original subscriptions are still available, which means you won't be paying any more if you just have one product in your home.

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