New Moon Knight, Doctor Strange 2 teasers may debut during Super Bowl

Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight prepares to do battle this March. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

New Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailers will air during this year's Super Bowl, according to reports.

Ahead of this year's NFL Championship game, Deadline has claimed that Marvel Studios' next TV show and movie will form part of the Super Bowl's TV commercial line up. Deadline's report seems pretty believable too, with prominent Marvel leaker DanielRPK (per the Doctor Strange 2 Updates Twitter fan account) suggesting that a new Doctor Strange 2 teaser will be shown. There are no other rumors concerning new Moon Knight footage, though.

If both Marvel Phase 4 projects are part of Super Bowl LVI's money-spinning advert line up, it's unlikely that we'll see full length trailers. Instead, 30-second long TV spots, containing snippets of new footage, are sure to be the order of the day. That's because Super Bowl broadcaster NBC restricts the length of all commercials to just 30 seconds, even though it's charging an eye-watering $6.5 million per TV spot for this year's event.

Deadline goes on to claim that other studios will debut new footage from their upcoming slates, too. Universal Pictures may tease more Jurassic World: Dominion footage, while Paramount Pictures could turbocharge its Sonic the Hedgehog 2 marketing campaign with a new TV spot. Pixar may show off a few snippets for its upcoming Lightyear movie, and Netflix is expected to air some form of trailer for The Adam Project, a new film from Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy.

Warner Bros, Sony, Apple, HBO Max, and Hulu are not expected to release any new footage for their upcoming projects. Fans eager for movies like The Batman and Morbius, then, are sure to be left disappointed.

Analysis: does Marvel need to advertise its movies and TV shows?

Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer and America Chavez look out into the multiverse in Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange and company look out into the multiverse. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

As the owner of the world's biggest movie franchise, it may seem odd that Marvel Studios continues to promote its upcoming productions so heavily.

The majority of Earth's population are already aware of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is. Meanwhile, those who actively look out for new Marvel movies and Disney Plus shows are heavily invested in the franchise, so Marvel doesn't really need to appeal to them more than it does.

So why does Marvel feel the need to market its films and TV shows? The answer is simple: competition.

If the studio isn't putting its projects in front of viewers, it's likely that their attention will be drawn to rivals' movies and TV series. And, if audiences are left intrigued or excited by a new Warner Bros. DCEU movie or Netflix show, they'll potentially stump up their hard-earned cash to watch them instead of Marvel content. Unsurprisingly, that would hit the studio's revenue streams (and those of parent company Disney, too) hard.

In the everlasting battle for theatrical and streaming platform supremacy, then, Marvel has to continue marketing its forthcoming productions. It wants viewers to watch its content and, even if audiences are aware of what's coming from the studio, it won't want you to forget which superhero is starring in them, what the story is about, and when they'll be released.

No matter if it's posting new trailers online, or forking out $6.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl TV spot, Marvel will continue to actively promote its films and TV shows. So non-Marvel and non-superhero fans, especially those who think these properties are "ruining the industry", will just have to put up with the studio's marketing campaigns.

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