ColorWare pimps up the iPhone

iPhone pimped up with a bit of slap, courtesy of ColorWare

Gadget pimping company ColorWare can now paint your shiny new iPhone 3G in pretty much any colour you like, should you already be bored of its factory black sheen.

The only downside, should you really feel the urge to have an electric blue and yellow tinged iPhone, is that you will have to do without the phone for a couple of weeks while ColorWare does the business.

Add the iPhone slap

Colorware charges $150 (£75) to add the iPhone slap via a "multi-step, multi-day colour application process" with "X2 scratch-resistant coating" along with some other impressive sounding guff about paint.

Oh, and you'll also need to live in America if you really are gullible enough to want your iPhone pimped up in hot pink.