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OLPC's XO-2 concept is dual-touchscreen beauty


A mock-up of the second OLPC design – the XO-2 - has been unveiled, and it replaces the humble old keyboard with a dual touchscreen design.

The OLPC project has courted controversy at times, but its latest design – which allows users to use one touchscreen as a keyboard for typing – looks sure to win a legion of fans.

Big and heavy

The project’s leader Nicholas Negroponte said that the old OLPC was ‘too big and heavy’ and that he felt the two-screened approach was the future.

The dual touchscreen is being designed by Pixel-Qi, and will allow for custom keyboards, including more basic affairs for younger children, as well as allowing the X)-2 to be used as a book or a tablet.


Negroponte believes that the laptop will be available by 2010 at a price of just $75.

However, the excitement caused by the announcement was tempered somewhat by the continued problems with the original OLPC offering.

After labouring on with Red Hat linux, Negroponte is now bringing Microsoft and its XP operating system into the equation, promising dual-boot machines, and the orders for the laptops remain lower than expected.