iPhone 8 launch as it happened: all the new Apple news from the big event

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10.37 - What's the point of the Watch without the LTE connection? Will it be the same thickness? The new chip will probably give better battery life, but that's it.

It is coming to the US, UK and Australia though, confirmed, with carriers.

10.36 - Not hearing anything about blood glucose though, and there's nothing extra in the sports department sadly. Not sure what hardware would have done that. 

It's also coming without cellular in some countries too. Available from September 22, pre-order from Sept 15.

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10.34 - Jeff has gone off script! He's talking about how great technology is - about how he was talking to someone paddle boarding and her voice was so clear.

'Well, that's just darn close to magic.'

GET BACK ON SCRIPT JEFF. Oh, he has. There's a new gold finish and the new sport loop band.

And new colors for the Nike+ variant, plus a new app for the Watch too.

Ceramic - the most expensive variant - is coming in Gray.

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10.32 - Jeff is making a call as a live demo. Using it over the AT&T network. He's calling Deidre.

OMG SHE'S ON A PADDLE BOARD and talking on the Watch.

10.30 - New dual-core processor inside for 70% faster performance, and Siri can talk as well. Jeff is struggling to get this all out - and the new W2 chip is out there.

Pretty much confirms the new Apple AirPod updates, really. 

There's an altimeter in there too, so you know when you've gone up or down. 

The big issue is getting the cellular in there - challenge was making it not like a house arrest bracelet. The display is the antenna, and there's an e-Sim that's smaller than a nano. 

With all these features, the case is the same size as the Apple Watch 2. That saves money on production too. Weird, that. 

10.29 - The watch, as expected, has LTE support. You can receive calls on the watch, get messages and talk to Siri. Maps are supported, and third party apps will be supported as well.

Coming next month, cellular will help you listen to music too - you can stream straight from Apple Music too.

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10.28 - Red dot confirmed - it's the Apple Watch 3!

10.26 - These updates will be coming in WatchOS 4 - alongside the stuff we've already heard about and will be coming on September 19.

Apple WatchOS 4 release date is September 19 people.

Now, the next generation of Apple Watch.

10.23 - Talking about the heart rate monitor. The heart rate app is being enhanced with more info - it'll be on the main face. 

It'll also have resting heart rate, and recovery heart rate. A lower resting and quicker recovery show you're getting fitter, and it'll give a better picture.

The next up is to talk about notice - letting people know when you have an elevated heart rate when you're not active. As someone who is close to someone with heart failure, that would have been amazing for her.

The third thing is arrhythmia - atrial firbrillation - Apple's been looking at this for a couple of years, and it'll expand that work to be part of the 'Apple Heart Study' which will use Watch data to notify users.

10.22  - Jeff Williams is on stage to talk Apple Watch, the COO. Where's Kevin? 

He's talking up Apple's WatchOS 4 and all the new fitness features that are included.

10.21 - If it has a blood glucose monitor, that's massive. Especially if it's non-invasive.

10.20 - It's now a video on how many people are having their lives changed by Apple Watch. Oooh - someone just mentioned that their daughter has diabetes. Glucose monitors with the Apple Watch.

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10.18 - More people using Apple Watch than ever before - it's experiencing 'phenomenal growth' - 50% year on year.

Last year, the number two watch in the world - and now it's the number one watch in the world ahead of Rolex.

10.17 - Tim is back on stage now - it's new product time! Beginning with Apple Watch. IT'S HAPPENING NOW PEOPLE GET READY.

10.14 - I know it's early doors, but I'm flippin' cock-a-hoop that the Wi-Fi is still stable right now.

Still on Apple Store - more are coming in big cities in the soon, and New York is getting a big overhaul. The glass cube will return though. Milan, Paris and others  all getting massive 'Town Square' updates - Carnegie Library doing so too.

And Chicago is getting opened on October 20 - that's been a while coming. 

10.13 - It's very relaxed in here at the moment. I get the feeling this is calm before the storm - we're going to be here for a while.

10.11 - Hearing about how Today at Apple works - perfect time to push the feature we wrote on this when it launched. It's just a recap here.

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10.10 - We're getting a retail update first - Angela Ahrendts, head of retail is here. The same team that designed the Apple Park also designed the Stores. I knew it.

10.09 - There's an AR experience in the visitor's center - that's rather telling, given we're very likely to see a huge augmented reality push today.

10.07 - Hearing about Apple Park now - people will be moving in this summer. It is an impressive space - the park is converted was converted from a sea of asphalt into a space with over 9,000 trees. I can confirm there are many trees... but it really smells of manure at the moment.

Powered by 100% renewable energy too - one of the world's largest solar installations, according to Cook.

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10.05 - Big round of applause - lasting - for Jobs. No matter what you think of the brand, his influence is undeniable.

Cook is also now talking about how Apple's 'hearts go out' to those affected by the storms.

10.04 - A lot of talk about how Jobs was a genius, his ability to unlock talent in people - how his ideas created the foundation for the new Campus.

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10.02 - We just had a mandatory shut down of screens so a message from Steve Jobs could be played to open the Theater. Tim Cook is on stage now, delivering a heartfelt message about Jobs - his voice is cracking slightly.


09.55 - Just a reminder - if you want to ask anything during the launch, I'll be on @superbeav. I can't promise to include / answer you, because my fingers may have fallen off (it's come close in the past) but I'll do my DAMN BEST.

Because we love you all, dear readers. 

09.53 - Just had Coldplay, next up is Gorillaz. And the presentation will begin shortly, according to the man in the ceiling who is talking like he's trying to keep us all calm.


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09.49 - Some thoughts on the new Theater. The toilets are, basically, toilets if Apple designed them. Decided against taking pictures though.

Seats are super-comfortable and wide. This is excellent news as we could be here for a couple of hours at least...

09.20 - And we're in! Welcome, for the first time, to the Steve Jobs Theater. We're glad you're joining us for this ride - should be a good one.

Inside the bunker, sorry, Steve Jobs Theater

Inside the bunker, sorry, Steve Jobs Theater

09.10 - There's talk that the Apple Watch 3 may not arrive, and instead we'll get an Apple Watch 2 LTE.

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09.00 - There's just an hour until Apple's Special Event kicks off. Join us for a little tour round the Steve Jobs Theater.

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08.30 - Apple's new home is pretty sweet. Lots of clean lines, glass and "new building" smells to take in.

Exploring Apple's new campus

Exploring Apple's new campus

07.25 - Oh, hi there official Apple event badge. We've got the ticket, now all we need is to get in.

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06.49 - Sunrise! And a ray of light sneaks its way through a crack in Tim Cook's bedroom curtains.

"Siri, open the curtains" he murmurs, and he is slowly bathed in more light as the drapes retract.

"Siri, read my schedule"

'You have an appointment at 10am. At 10am you have Apple Special Event'

"Mmmmm excellent, another half hour in bed then."

While we wait for Tim to rise, there's plenty to be getting excited about. Imagine if we got AirPods 2, or even a new iPod! The possibilities people, they're out there!

05.00 - Just when we thought we'd got Apple's naming figured out, a curve ball is hurled in our direction. How do you feel about the 'iPhone X Edition'? 

That's what the latest leak suggests it'll be called, although it does feel a little clunky for Apple.

04.00 - It's the post we love to hate... THE APPLE STORE IS DOWN PEOPLE!


Right, now we've got that out of our system, back to work. Less than six hours to go now. Huzzah.

Come back!!!!

Come back!!!!

03.30 PST - Six short hours (and a bit) to go! We're awake in San Francisco – early bird catches the worm and all that (definitely not jet lag...) – and are preparing ourselves for the big show.

We're wondering which celebs will grace us with their presence this year, and that's got us thinking about iPhone launches of old. In fact, we've put together an article of our favorite iPhone moments – why not check it out?

01.30 PST - Tim Cook is likely tucked up in bed, dreaming of the rapturous applause he'll get when he steps out on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater, but for those of you already awake check out our comprehensive round-ups of what you can expect from Apple today.

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