iPhone 8 launch as it happened: all the new Apple news from the big event

10.53 - It's coming on September 15 for pre-order, and coming a week later on the shelves. Tim is back out now for the next product. What will it be?


10.52 - Sky is coming to iPad, iPhone and Apple TV 4K.

10.48 - Loads of apps on the App Store for the Apple TV. There's a new game coming as well,  Jenova Chen rom ThatGameCompany is on stage - but with no scarf.

He's chatting about how games can be used as a medium to bring people together. Sky is the game, a 'romantic social adventure game'. Designed to be the most adaptable to players, all can be done with one finger on the Siri remote. The graphics look good, and it's all about collaboration to help you continue through the game.

A bit twee - but will be interesting to see how people really use it.

10.47 - Live sports are coming to Apple TV, if your favorite team is playing on ESPN, or if there's a close game you'll get notifications too. The score and time remaining is part of the user interface as well (you can turn it off, though).

10.45 - The A10 Fusion chip from the iPad is in the box, with huge improvements in the speed and graphical performance. All the major studios will be offering their 4K titles... at the same price for HD.

And if you bought it at HD, you get it upgraded to 4K HDR for no additional charge.

Netflix HDR titles will be on there at launch, and Amazon Prime Video with the same thing later in the year. 

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10.43 - The Apple TV 4K has been remastered in 4K too. Now we're watching a bit of Spiderman.  Nice break from the typing.

10.42 - Eddy is talking up 4K... as if it's a new thing that's exciting. But HDR (High Dynamic Range) is being shown off as well. Showing the difference in the color... Apple TV supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.

There's a Dolby Vision projector in the Theater! Love a bit of DV. It's so rich.

10.40 - Being taken on a history lesson of TV. Currently at HD, then at 4K - so he's excited to introduce Apple TV 4K.

Well, that's surprising. (It's not. It was mentioned a lot.)

Yeah, Eddy Cue is on! That's an understated shirt for him.

10.39 - Next up, it's Apple TV. Tim bragging about his second Emmy. Show off.

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