iPhone 8 launch as it happened: all the new Apple news from the big event

11.13 - It's using the Qi open wireless charging standard, and this will help the standard get further adoption. Whichever standard Apple went for was going to win the wireless war... hopefully this will end fragmentation.

Belkin and Mophie both offering chargers for the iPhone, but all Qi chargers will work. No word on the battery in this though. We're coming to the end of it... but it does have Touch ID. 

It'll be coming at 64GB and 256GB, and starting at $699.

iPhone 8 Plus, will start at $799, with the same configurations. And September 15 is the pre-order date for both, and then September 22 on sale.

iOS 11 launch date: September 19.

11.12 - Now we're talking about wireless. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, LTE-A and the AirPods and Beats headphones that use the W1 chip.

And now wireless charging, due to the glass back on the new iPhone. Phil is talking up how wonderful wireless charging is - why has it taken so long?

11.10 - it's a fun game, where you can move around the table and move in closer to take shots, as well as spatial audio where the sound will move around depending on what you're looking at and how close you are.

The graphics look basic, but being able to move around the action is pretty impressive.

11.09 - A new demo now of the iPhone 8's AR capabilities. Still really wondering what's going to be happening with the iPhone X. Atli Mar of Directive Games is showing off The Machines, designed to be played in real life.

You can play this online or in real time, but it can all be rendered in real time so you can move in close to appreciated the textures in real time.

11.08 - When you're at the game in Major League Baseball you'll be able to see live stats on the player when you're looking at it.

11.07 - The iPhone 8 is the first phone for AR (augmented reality) new gyroscopes, low-light and 60 frames per second rendering to allow for these changes.

These phones we 'tuned' for that... so what's the deal with iPhone X?

11.06 - 4K 60fps is going to be pretty smooth - and you can shoot in 1080p HD at 240 frames per second... but no hyper slow motion that others are doing.

And next up - augmented reality.

11.05 - 'iPhone 8 has the highest quality video capture ever in any smartphone'. Big claim.

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11.02 - iPhone 8 takes fantastic portrait modes, says Phil... but surely not the single sensor model, right?

Portrait Mode is getting an enhancement - to do with lighting. 

Using the dual cameras and the new A11 chip, it's Portrait Lighting. It can change the lighting and contors on the face for better lighting options, so you can select the mode as you're taking it.

11.01 - There's f/1.8 and f/2.8 apertures in the 'normal' and telephoto lens respectively. It says optical image stabilisation, but not sure if that's in both. 

11.00 - He's rippling through these. There's clearly something else coming.

The iPhone 8 has a SINGLE sensor, 12MP, deeper pixels, new color filter and optical image stabilisation.

10.59 - The most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, two high performance cores in the A10, four high-efficiency cores, 70% faster than the A10. All in all, it's faster.

First ever Apple-designed GPU, which is faster than the A10. What does that mean for you? The apps that use Metal 2 and machine learning will get a speed up from this.

This has a new image signal processor, for faster low light autofocus and pixel processing - pics will basically look better. 

10.58 - We're getting the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Silver, Space Gray and a new gold finish. That's the Blush Gold we've heard of.

It's glass front and back - the most durable ever in a smartphone, says Phil Schiller. Sealed for water and dust resistance.

Retina HD display on both phones, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch too. There's 3D touch in both, and True Tone technology too - measuring the light around and matching it.

Stereo speakers on both, 25% louder than iPhone 7, and deeper bass.

A brand-new chip too - the A11 bionic.

10.57 - "Over the past decade, we've pushed forward with innovation after innovation", says Tim.

Huge iPhone news is coming. And he's walking off. It's a video.

10.55 - I'm starting to flag here. Help me Tim, deliver something good. Stop talking about how great the history has been - he's not mentioned the 10 year anniversary yet.

'Our intention with iPhone has always been to create something so immersive, so magical, that the hardware disappears.'

Oh, there's the 10 year mention, talking up the first iPhone and multi-touch, then the App Store on later models.

Facetime, iMessage, Retina Display - all meaningful and magical. And even Siri is getting a shout out.

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