iPhone 12 deals: get unlimited 5G data at a market-leading price

iPhone 12 deal
iPhone 12 deal (Image credit: Future)

The iPhone 13 may be set to launch next month, but this iPhone 12 deal is not to be missed. Make the most of the 5G enable handset with unlimited data on the Three network.

You can get this great iPhone 12 deal, which gives you unlimited data, minutes, and texts on the Three network, at Fonehouse. All of this uncapped freedom comes in at £36 a month and a £29 upfront cost.

This is a market-leading price for an impressive smartphone tariff, which will give you unlimited streaming and internet browsing with high-speed 5G data. If you’re always on the go and need limitless internet access, this is the iPhone 12 deal for you.

We've listed everything you'll need to know about this iPhone deal below.

This iPhone 12 deal in full:

iPhone 12: at Fonehouse|Three|£29 upfront|Unlimited data, calls and texts|£36pm

iPhone 12: at Fonehouse|Three|£29 upfront|Unlimited data, calls and texts|£36pm
This is a market-leading price for an impressive iPhone 12 tariff. You can get uncapped freedom for just £29 upfront and £36 a month with this deal. A 3 month Apple TV+ subscription and a month of free phone insurance are included in this affordable price too. Unlimited data on the 5G connectivity enabled handset means you can stream videos and music at high speeds to your heart's content.

What is the iPhone 12 like?

The design of the iPhone 12 resembles that of the earlier iPhone 4 with its squared-off edges instead of the rounded corners we have come accustomed to. Add the ceramic shield, IP68 water, and dust resistance, the iPhone 12 is designed to be stronger and more durable than its predecessor, the iPhone 11.

The 6.1-inch display is clear and crisp thanks to the impressive OLED screen, which offers HDR viewing of compatible content - a feature you can make the most of with unlimited 5G data.

5G connectivity is another feature that sets the iPhone 12 apart from earlier models, and although it does allow high-speed internet browsing, 5G isn't available everywhere just yet. That being said, this deal is for a 2-year contract and in that time 5G will become much more widespread.

The magnetic, snap-on technology, MagSafe, is another impressive feature of the iPhone 12. MagSafe accessories magnetically connect to the iPhone 12 for effortless wireless charging, which is something you might want to make the most of now that Apple has stopped including chargers with new phones.

iPhones don't have the best reputation for their battery life, but the iPhone 12 battery has been improved since the 2019 iPhone release. We found that a day's average use of the phone only used 50% of the battery, and even on higher use days the iPhone 12 lastest around 16-18 hours between charges.

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