Net search tool combines all search engines

WebFetch combines results from all the major search engines to create a fuller range of results

A new online search tool can allegedly find more accurate results than Google , Yahoo , MSN and others by combining the results from all into one super-search engine. A search on WebFetch will call up results by all the major search engines and combine them to form one complete list of results - it even displays previews of each site.

According to WebFetch parent company Infospace , "Different search engines use different criteria to determine relevance, meaning that the same searches on different search engines can bring back very different results."

WebFetch removes non-relevant results and replaces them with results from another search engine. It also cuts down on the number of adverts and sponsored links found with other search giants.

The customisable homepage can hold a list of your favourite sites, while more personal custom options should be made available down the line, says Infospace.

Dominic Trigg, vice president of search and directories at Infospace Europe, told "We're never going to beat Google, but we know that some people have been looking for an alternative - one that is as reliable, if not more."

There is a tool bar available for downloading to add to your browser, and smartphone and PDA tools are currently in development.