Connected devices bolstering BBC iPlayer views in 2012

Connected devices bolstering BBC iPlayer views in 2012
iPlayer's numbers well and truly crunched

The BBC iPlayer has seen a surge in demand from mobile devices, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs and games consoles this year.

New stats from the Beeb show that in the first quarter of 2012 connected and mobile devices were more popular than ever before for the iPlayer.

Demand from smart TVs, games consoles and BD players was up by 11 per cent in April of this year and up a whopping 57 per cent from April 2011.

When it comes to mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – there was a 94 per cent increase from April 2011 and a 15 per cent increase in April 2012.

Couple this with the iPlayer app being the top free iPad app of all time in the UK and the BBC is reaping another year of massive success for its on-demand service.

iPlayer stats

The report excludes Virgin Media data – its results came in too late to be included in the data – but even without this significant portion of hits, the Beeb's online traffic for its TV and radio programming is huge.

Since late 2011 the iPlayer has been delivering over 160 million requests per month, which equates to 120 million TV requests and around 40 million radio requests.

The most popular programme on the iPlayer in January was Sherlock Series 2 Episode 1, in February it was Top Gear, March and April saw The Voice become the most requested show.

On the radio side, the Champions League Final was the most popular programme in April.

The BBC has also crunched the numbers of men and women using the service and found it is the closest it has ever been, with 51 per cent of those watching the iPlayer being male and 49 per cent being female.

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