Branson: British tech needs a bit of saving

Sir Richard Branson - talks to TechRadar
Sir Richard Branson - talks to TechRadar

Sir Richard Branson has expressed his disappointment that Britain has not managed to provide one of the global internet successes, but the Virgin founder has high hopes for the future.

Branson is one of Britain's highest profile entrepreneurs, and his latest project - Virgin Galactic - is an example of how a major risk can pay off in the future.

But, Branson has admitted that he was a little upset that the UK had not managed to become a global leader on the internet.

Very sad

"I think it's very sad that Britain has not been good," Branson told TechRadar ahead of Brit Week.

"None of the really great things like Facebook, Google or MySpace has come out of Britain, and there's no real reason why not."

Branson believes that the next decade could see the UK reasserting itself on the internet, and believes that Virgin can play a part in boosting people's good ideas.

"I hope that in the next 10 to 15 years a new generation of Brits will put that right and we can get some world dominating sites.

"If anyone does have a great idea then I have team of people at Virgin who would be delighted to work with them!"

No excuses

Branson believes that the excuses being offered up for a lack of innovation in the UK are not good enough.

"America as a whole doesn't have a lot to offer. I would say San Francsico and the internet is saving America at the moment.

"Britain needs a bit of saving, and we have got to encourage entrepreneurs to be coming up with the next big breakthrough.

"There's no reason at all why is shouldn't be a British entrepreneur rather than an American."

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