I just measured my blood pressure with a Moto Mod

I just measured my blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oxygen and temperature, all from a smartphone.

Being able to measure your blood pressure on the move (without having to carry cumbersome equipment) hasn't really been possible in the past, but Lenovo wants to change that with its latest Moto Mod for the Moto Z range.

Using a Moto Z2 Force, and the new Lenovo Vital Moto Mod that was revealed at CES 2018, I was able measure my vital signs in under two minutes.

Standing on the floor at MWC 2018, I asked to place my finger inside the Moto Mod and it started to clamp around my vulnerable index digit. My blood pressure likely shot up immediately as I didn't realize it was going to start squeezing, like a normal blood pressure monitor does around your arm.

That's without mentioning how much coffee I had in my body - it is a tech trade show after all.

This Moto Mod doesn't sit on the back of the phone like most of the other add-on gadgets from Motorola. Instead it connects via Bluetooth to the phone to let you record the data.

This is the first Moto Mod I've used that feels more like a phone accessory than an add-on device, and it's not clear why this is only compatible with Moto Z handsets.

Usually you'd put the gadget up close to your chest to get the optimum results, but for the purpose of MWC the Moto Mod had to stay attached to the desk so no-one was able to steal it.

Less than two minutes went by before I was  greeted with my vital stats. Exactly how accurate the reading is remains to be seen, plus it's not a cheap add-on for your phone either at $395 (about £285, AU$500).

That said, being able to get stats like pulse oxygen and blood pressure (alongside easier to take measurements like temperature and heart rate) feels like a revolutionary step forward that could help people keep a track of health issues much easier when on the move.

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