How to watch Love Victor season 2 online: stream brand new episodes now

Watch Love Victor season 2 online
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Creekwood High School is open again, and fans of this warm-hearted and witty series can finally see Victor navigating his new life as an out and proud gay teen. How does his burgeoning romance with Benji evolve? And will he have his family's support after coming out to them? We explain how to watch Love Victor season 2 online below so that you can find out.

How to watch Love Victor season 2 online

Release date: all 10 episodes are available from Friday, June 11 on Hulu

Stream now: Try Hulu for FREE for 1-month (opens in new tab) (US)

International streaming options: Disney Plus (opens in new tab) (UK, CA, AUS, NZ) from Friday, June 18

Created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, Love Victor is set in the same world as their landmark 2018 film Love Simon. It follows Victor Salazar, a young man recently relocated to Atlanta with his family and desperate to fit in at new school Creekwood High, but equally struggling to figure out his sexual identity.

Season 2 will see Victor (Michael Cimino) enjoying the giddy heights of first love, yet facing different challenges now that he’s out: dealing with his conservative family’s reactions and getting flak from the school basketball team. Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend Mia (Rachel Hilson) is contending with her own drama, including harboring unresolved feelings towards cocky jock Andrew (Mason Gooding). The status-obsessed Lake (Bebe Wood) has publicly declared her affection for Victor’s nerdy BFF (Anthony Turpel), and this season we'll delve further into Felix’s difficult home life with his mentally ill mum.

Featuring new characters played by Ava Capri and Anthony Keyvan, prepare for even more romantic complications and relationship drama. Just read on as we explain how to watch Love Victor season 2 online – and for FREE with a Hulu subscription (opens in new tab).

watch Love Victor season 2 online hulu

How to watch Love Victor season 2 for FREE in the US

Hulu (opens in new tab)

Season 2 is coming straight to Hulu (opens in new tab) on Friday, June 11, with all 10 episodes available immediately for your binge-watching pleasure.

To watch them, just sign up for Hulu’s basic plan. It’s $5.99 a month, but you won’t need to pay that until AFTER your 30-day free trial has ended (new and eligible returning subscribers only). Plus, you can cancel your membership whenever you like. It’s even better if you’re a student, because monthly membership only costs $1.99! That’s 30 days of cutting-edge entertainment for the price of a coffee.

In addition to Love Victor seasons 1 & 2, you’ll find thousands of on-demand films and TV shows to enjoy, including Modern Family, The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 (opens in new tab), Little Fires Everywhere (opens in new tab), the Golden Globe-nominated Palm Springs, crime-thriller Big Sky (opens in new tab), and animated series Solar Opposites (opens in new tab)

You can read here for more on how Hulu plans and prices (opens in new tab) offer incredible value, even when compared to streaming stalwarts Disney Plus and Netflix.

Watch Love Victor Season 2 online

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Love Victor season 2

How to watch Love Victor season 2 online in the UK

a subscription to Disney Plus (opens in new tab)

UK fans rejoice because you can watch Love Victor season 2 from Friday, June 18 with a subscription to Disney Plus (opens in new tab), via the Star portal. However, unlike on Hulu in the US, episodes will be dropped weekly – except for July 30 – rather than all at once.

The Disney Plus free trial (opens in new tab) is no longer available in many countries. But membership is just £7.99 a month in the UK and you can cancel at any time, or pay £79.90 for its annual plan. Plus, the recent addition of Star has more than doubled the amount of content available internationally, bringing you a heap of more adult films and TV series like the Die Hard trilogy, Deadpool 2, Desperate Housewives, Atlanta and David E. Kelley’s Big Sky (opens in new tab), alongside classic Disney fare, The Simpsons, and the entire MCU, including recent spin-offs Loki (opens in new tab) and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (opens in new tab)

watch Love Victor season 2 online canada

How to watch Love Victor season 2 online in Canada

sign up to Disney Plus (opens in new tab)

Up north and it’s the same dealio, with Canadians able to follow Victor’s ongoing journey of self-discovery weekly from Friday, June 18 once they sign up to Disney Plus (opens in new tab). It’s $11.99 CAD a month, or you can get 15% off the yearly cost by opting for a $119.99 CAD annual plan.

watch Love Victor season 2 online australia

How to watch Love Victor season 2 online in Australia

Disney Plus membership (opens in new tab)

What lies in store for Victor and Benji? As elsewhere, Australians can keep up to date by purchasing a Disney Plus membership (opens in new tab) at $11.99 AUD per month, where new episodes are available each week from June 18. 

Alternatively, choose the platform’s $119.99 AUD annual plan and bag yourself a year’s worth of iconic movies and amazing original series. You’ll save money and essentially get two months of Disney Plus for free.

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