Google Pixel 4 XL may come with a punch-hole display like the Galaxy S10

Image Credit: Google

The Google Pixel 4 lineup isn't likely to launch until much later in 2019, but we may have just seen the first hint of what the design will be like on the new series of phones, and how Google will integrate its front camera tech with a full-screen display.

Shared by SlashLeaks, a render you can see below shows there may be a punch-hole display so the front-facing camera tech can poke through.

We don't yet know the authenticity of the drawing itself, but Phone Arena has also made a mock-up of the render that you can see below to help show how it may look as a finished product.

The render shows a double selfie camera on the front of the phone, so that punch-hole wouldn't be as small as it is on Samsung Galaxy S10 and instead would look similar to the S10 Plus.

The Pixel 3 range already has a dual-lens front camera so this is no surprise, and it may make for a better selfie experience than just a single camera.

The diagram also suggests the company will be opting for a dual camera on the rear of the Pixel 4 XL. That will be the first time Google has moved away from a single shooter on the back.

There's no sign of a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the phone or in a bezel below the screen, which heavily suggests Google will be including an in-display fingerprint scanner on this phone.

But as we've said, take this with a big pinch of salt. It's unlikely we'll see the Google Pixel 4 range until the tail-end of 2019 - we currently expect October - so even if this is accurate it may be that the design will change a lot before then.

Via GSMArena

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