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Get a free PS4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bundle with these Sony phone deals

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If you're holding out for Black Friday PS4 deals, you may want to rethink your tactics as you can now bag yourself a free PlayStation 4 plus a copy of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - of course, there is a catch.

There good news is the catch isn't bad, and if you're also in the market for a new phone this free PS4 deal from Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab) will save you £249.99.

Sure, we're nearing the end of the PS4's product cycle, with the next-gen PS5 on the horizon, but to get a console and AAA Call of Duty game thrown in with the price of a new phone contract is startling good value. The PS4 comes with a 500GB hard drive storage too, meaning you can fit in plenty of other disc or download games.

You can nab the free PS4 and game "while stocks last", with availability in-store, online ­and from Carphone Warehouse's call centre – so we recommend getting it early if you're planning on a new phone any time soon. It's a Black Friday quality deal, and we're not even yet in November.

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FREE PS4 and COD: Modern Warfare with Sony phones (opens in new tab)
From October 25, pick up the Sony Xperia 1, Xperia 5, Xperia 10 or Xperia L3 at Carphone Warehouse and bag yourself a free 500GB PS4 and copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - freebies worth £249.99! While stocks last.

This mobile phone deal is available from Friday 25 October from Carphone Warehouse, and includes Sony Xperia phones on a pay-monthly contract, with your choice of the new Xperia 5, flagship Xperia 1, mid-range Xperia 10 or budget Xperia L3

You can see which handset is right for you in our best Sony phones guide too.

Sony gets synergy

The giveaway is just one example of the potential synergy across Sony's various product portfolios. With gadgets ranging from smartphones and laptops to headphones and game consoles – not to mention Sony TVs – it's that little bit easier to get different platforms to work together, even if it's just palming off old PS4 consoles that aren't selling as well as they used to.

Until recently, PS4 Remote Play was also exclusive to Sony Xperia phones, though the game-streaming feature has now rolled out to other Android handsets too. One to play Call of Duty on, perhaps?

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