Xbox 360 is 3 years old, first warranties expire

Oh noes, it's the dreaded red ring of death...
Oh noes, it's the dreaded red ring of death...

Microsoft's Xbox 360 hit three years of age this last weekend, following its original release in the US and Canada on 22 November 2005.

European gamers were treated to our new toy a couple of weeks later on 2 December 2005 (and our Japanese cousins collectively shrugged when it was launched over there on 10 December 2005).

Despite its much-reported problems with overheating (the dreaded 'Red Ring of Death') the machine is still the under-TV box of choice for the hardcore console gamer.

TechRadar fondly remembers the Xbox 360's UK launch party in London nearly three years ago, when we were treated to what, at the time, was a massive leap forward in videogames (as well as some lovely free massages and gallons of killer cocktails that took us out of action for around 48-72 hours following the event!).

Warranties expire

Of course, if you bought a machine three years ago and it is still working, then this also means that your warranty has just expired. So you had better hope and fervently pray you don't get RRoD'd in the near future…

As that really WOULD spoil your Christmas!

Unless you had a spare £127.97, in which case you can buy yourself a replacement Arcade 360 from

Adam Hartley