PlayStation Now won't come to the UK until Sony 'learns' from US

Sony needs to assess PlayStation Now in the US before it considers UK
But we want it Now

Sony is treating the UK to the PS Vita Slim before America gets its hands on it, but the US still has something to hold over the other side pond – PlayStation Now.

Sony's Gaikai-based streaming service is rolling out in the US this year, with a lucky few receiving invites to the beta version of the service this week.

So when will the UK get to join in the fun? Not for a little while longer, according to UK Sony boss Fergal Gara.

"We're now clear on our launch plans in the US. What does that mean to the UK? Don't know yet, but dead excited that it's in the family," Gara told TechRadar.

"We can start to learn from it and consider if a launch is appropriate and when".

PlayStation Later

One allegedly leaked internal document has suggested the UK may get the service in early 2015, but there's no guarantee that this was

Sony hopes that the PS Vita Slim will be a big part of PlayStation Now experience, which will eventually let us play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on the PS4, Bravia TVs, Xperia Android devices and Sony's dedicated handheld.

Up until now, the Vita hasn't taken off as well as Sony expected, but it's now pinning its hopes on the Vita Slim.

"[The Vita] is entering a marketplace that's more complicated than was maybe perceived as it was designed, and therefore our expectations are a bit lower now than they once were," said Gara.

"I think the next few months and years or so wil tell us a lot.. is it a strong players as a companion device to a home console?"

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