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Flipkart listing of Nokia PureBook laptops hints at impending launch

Nokia PureBook
(Image credit: Flipkart)
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Just a few days back we reported that Nokia is looking to come up with laptops, now we have more news around the same. It looks like the new range of laptops from Nokia will come with a PureBook moniker and no prize for guessing that these laptops will be sold exclusively through Flipkart.

A dedicated launch page has been setup by Flipkart and is accessible on the Flipkart mobile app, which more or less confirms that the laptops are headed towards an India launch soon. Also, since HMD global is only involved with smartphones, these laptops are most likely to be brought to India by Flipkart, its licensee

Nokia PureBook laptops: What we know 

Not much has been revealed about these laptops yet, however, the teaser on Flipkart mentioned three different features “Ultralight, Powerful and Immersive.” It is not clear what Nokia means by immersive laptops, however, let us wait for more info.

Nokia PureBook

(Image credit: Flipkart)

Earlier, nine distinct models of the Nokia PureBook have been listed on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website. Looking at the model numbers of these laptops - that include NKi510UL82S, NKi510UL85S, NKi510UL165S, NKi510UL810S, NKi510UL1610S, NKi310UL41S, NKi310UL42S, NKi310UL82S and NKi310UL85S, it seems obvious that these laptops are powered by Intel’s Core i5 and i3 processors and may come in various memory and storage combinations.

On further connecting the dots, it seems that the company is using the 10th generation Intel processors instead of the latest 11 Gen chipsets. It is also not clear if there are any AMD Ryzen powered devices in the works.

Nokia PureBook launch date 

Neither Nokia nor Flipkart have revealed the launch date of these laptops. TechRadar reached out to the agency responsible for the launch, however, we did not get any confirmation around the expected launch date. 

Nokia PureBook price in India 

As of now, there is absolutely no information about the pricing of Nokia PureBook laptops in India. However, looking at the increased demand for computing devices post Covid-19 induced new normal, it is expected that these laptops are targeted to fulfil the same requirement.

Hence, you can expect these new laptops to be affordably priced competing with the likes of Mi Notebook 14 series that come with somewhat similar combination and have been well-received thanks to the competitive pricing.

However, we can’t be really sure about the pricing and would like to wait till the official announcement happens. Till then, stay tuned.

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