Flipkart Big Freedom Sale: Best deals on TVs

Flipkart’s Big Freedom Sale officially kick starts today, with a myriad of products on offer. In addition to smartphones, the retailer is also offering mammoth discounts on home electronics like TVs, washing machines, refrigerators and the likes. We’re going to have a closer look at some of the TVs that are currently being offered by the retailer. In addition to discounts, you also have no cost EMIs on select Samsung televisions. 

Vu 55-inch Full HD LED Smart TV at Rs 45,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 6,001)

This product usually sells for Rs 52,000, so you’re saving big here. This is a Smart TV, which means you can get a lot more done than on a conventional TV. It also comes with Dolby Digital audio on board. Taking these factors into account, you’re getting the best deal on this offering.

LG 43-inch Full HD LED Smart TV at Rs 38,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 10,991)

Flipkart is offering a discount of nearly Rs 11,000 here, which is quite a lot. As for the TV itself, it uses LG’s proprietary TV operating system, webOS. The TV also supports Miracast, allowing you to stream contents of your smartphone directly to the television.

Sony Bravia 40-inch Full HD LED TV at Rs 38,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 8,901)

This TV comes with a discount of about Rs 9,000. The retailer is also offering a further discount of Rs 12,000 on exchanges, which is worth considering if you’re looking for an upgrade. 

Onida 43-inch Full HD LED Smart TV at Rs 29,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 3,991)

There’s only a discount of Rs 4,000 here, which may seem like a small amount given the size of discounts on other TVs, but you’re saving about 11% on the regular price. This TV runs Android by default, allowing you to download apps and other content directly on the television.

Vu 39-inch Full HD LED Smart TV at Rs 26,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 4,501)

Vu is one of the most popular budget TV manufacturers in the country right now, so it’s not particularly a surprise that it appears more than once on this list. You’re saving nearly Rs 4,500 with this television. This is a Smart TV, so you have access to apps like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and others by default.

Vu 39-inch Full HD LED TV at Rs 21,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 4,501)

Coming from the Vu Play series, this particular television originally sells for Rs 26,500, so you’re saving pretty big here. It’s a standard television, which means there are no Smart TV features on board. There’s an exchange discount of up to Rs 12,000 with this product.

Samsung 32-inch HD Ready LED TV at Rs 17,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 10,901)

This Samsung offering sells for Rs 28,900, although rival offerings are available for pretty much under Rs 20,000. The company offers 1 year of warranty for the display panel and 1 year of warranty for other components of the TV. You can avail an exchange discount of up to Rs 8,000, thus bringing the cost down to Rs 9,999.

Vu 32-inch HD Ready LED Smart TV at Rs 17,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 2,001)

This is a regular HD television, but with Smart TV features built in. Perhaps one of the cheapest Smart TVs on this list right now, this particular offering is expected to be a hot item during the sale. It usually sells for around Rs 20,000. In addition to the pricing mentioned above, you can save further by availing exchange discounts of up to Rs 8,000.

Vu 32-inch HD Ready LED TV at Rs 13,499 @ Flipkart (save Rs 4,501)

Basically the same television as the one mentioned above but without the Smart TV features. It usually sells for Rs 18,000, so there’s quite a bit of money to be saved here.

Micromax 32-inch HD Ready LED TV at Rs 12,999 @ Flipkart (save Rs 6,991)

The only Micromax offering on this list, and perhaps the cheapest 32-inch LED TV we came across. This 32-inch LED TV usually sells for Rs 19,990. You can save another Rs 8,000 if you’re looking to exchange an older television.

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