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First shots have been fired in the battle for Black Friday phone deals supremacy

Black Friday phone deals
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While Black Friday doesn't actually officially start until near the end of November, each year retailers push the date forward earlier. This year, it looks like is one of the first to go live, pushing a collection of cheap Black Friday phone deals.

And when we say Black Friday offers, we really mean it. Across all of these mobile phone deals, is promising it will not offer a better price in the run-up to Black Friday or on the day itself.

This means if you're interested in any of the offers on the devices below, it's well worth jumping on them now as the retailer isn't going to offer any better this year.

While none of these are market-leading handsets, they are some of the top budget phones around. This price guarantee includes the Samsung Galaxy A71, A51, Huawei P40 Lite and Oppo Find X2 Lite.

You can see our top picks below or head straight to to see every price guarantee in one place. And if it's Apple you're wanting, you'll have to hold out a bit longer for Black Friday iPhone deals.

These early Black Friday phone deals in full:

Samsung Galaxy A71: at | Vodafone | FREE upfront | 54GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £30pm + £96 cashback by redemption
The Samsung Galaxy A71 fits perfectly between Samsung's high-end flagships and its cheaper devices. That means you're getting some strong specs across the board while only having to pay £30 a month for 54GB of data. On top of that, is throwing in £96 in cashback.
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Samsung Galaxy A51: at | Vodafone | FREE upfront | 6GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £23pm
If you don't mind taking a small drop in specs, the A51 is a cheaper device also available with's price guarantee. Here you're not paying anything upfront and just £23 a month while getting 6GB of data.
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Huawei P40 Lite: at | Vodafone | FREE upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £26pm + £240 cashback by redemption
This Huawei P40 Lite deal starts cheap and only gets more affordable. You're paying £26 a month for 30GB of data but then bundles in a hefty £240 in cashback, effectively bringing your bills down to £16 a month. It is however crucial to note that the P40 Lite is subject to Google's ban and therefore does not have access to certain apps - read more about it here.
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Huawei P Smart: at | Vodafone | FREE upfront | 4GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £20pm + £192 cashback by redemption
This device starts at £20 a month and when cashback is taken into account, effectively drops all the way down to just £12 a month. That's a bargain, especially considering this is one of the best budget phones out there. However, like the above device, it faces the effects of the Huawei ban.
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Oppo Find X2 Lite: at | Vodafone | FREE upfront | 2GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £17pm
The Oppo Find X2 Lite is a device you may not have heard of and yet, it is a stellar budget phone and even provides 5G connectivity! We gave it a four-star review and here you can get it for just £17 a month - not bad for the 2GB of data you're getting here.
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