Dell attempts to upscale its image

Dell set to launch multi-million pound new global ad campaign to upscale its image

In an attempt to move into the lucrative market for higher-end PCs and laptops, US computing giant Dell is spending 'hundreds and hundreds of millions' attempting to upscale its image.

Dell has established a strong computing brand that is, to date, very closely associated with low prices and value.

Not just a cheap alternative

The company hopes that its latest advertising campaigns will help to shift the perception that consumers have of the brand, in order to convince them that Dell is offering a lot more than cheaper alternatives to the likes of Apple and Sony.

"We're going to stop mentioning price as the single important aspect," claimed Paul-Henri Ferrand, chief marketing officer for Dell's global consumer, and small and medium business division.

The advertising campaign is planned to roll out worldwide in the coming months, promoting Dell's latest high-end laptops and premium products.

In addition to audiophile-grade laptops with speakers from JBL, Dell is also planning to release a 10-inch tablet computer and a new range of smaller tablet PCs.

Further details on all of these new products are expected in the coming days.

Via Reuters