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Verizon Vehicle is a connected car upgrade for your old junker

Verizon Vehicle
Get ready to see this clipped to your visor

That old piece of junk you call a car might get a little bit more drivable soon with the just-announced Verizon Vehicle, the US carrier announced at the Detroit Auto Show.

It's an aftermarket addition that brings OnStar-like services, including roadside assistance, diagnostics and a live help hotline for whatever you're currently driving - as long as it was made after 1996.

Verizon Vehicle includes an on-board diagnostic module that customers will need to install themselves, plus a Bluetooth speaker that clips somewhere inside the car.

It sends repair reminders and other alerts to users' phones via an app or SMS or email messages.

Users don't need to have Verizon wireless service, but Verizon Vehicle costs $15 per month and just like for the carrier's mobile plans you'll have to sign up for a two-year contract.

Verizon Vehicle is scheduled to launch April 10. Meanwhile Verizon competitor AT&T is focused on getting connected features directly into cars, before consumers get behind the wheel.