Best of w/e 3rd August 2007

The best in computing, mobile and consumer tech

It's been a strange week on - sandwiched somewhere between the big tech launches of late spring / early summer (hello Apple iPhone) and the product blitz that is IFA 2007 . Still here's a round-up of the big stories on tech this week:


YouTube filters to kill dodgy content Google has finally given into broadcaster demands and is implementing a video filter system on YouTube. This will ensure that most copyrighted content is blocked from being uploaded to the site

AMD reveals next-gen 45nm quad-core processor AMD has released details of its second generation quad-core processor, codenamed Shanghai. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for AMD to release its long-awaited debut quad-core CPU, known as Barcelona

Flash Zune on the way in September? The forthcoming hard disk-based version 2.0 of the Microsoft Zune is delayed due to production hiccups, according to reports. However a flash-based Zune is still on course for a September launch

Tartan Video: Blu-ray is better than HD DVD Independent video publisher Tartan has put the boot into HD DVD. "To go with Blu-ray was a no-brainer for Tartan," says boss Hamish McAlpine

53% of BlackBerry users check email on loo
Disturbing statistics of the day: 53 per cent of people with portable email devices like BlackBerrys check their email in the bathroom. Some 59 per cent check in bed, in their pyjamas; 37 per cent while they're driving; and 12 per cent in church

Illegal downloads hit new high More and more of us are getting our music free from peer-to-peer sites on the internet, and are less worried about being caught doing it, says a survey published today. The 2007 Digital Music Survey says that 43 per cent of us now download tracks illegally

AMD plots 16-core super-CPU for 2009
AMD is preparing an all-new PC processor with up to 16 execution cores. Due out in the first half of 2009, the new architecture is codenamed Bulldozer. Bulldozer is to be AMD's first substantially new CPU core since the original Athlon 64 processor of 2003

Is Nokia to open iTunes challenger?
Nokia could be about to challenge Apple's iTunes Store by opening its own online music service, just a month after Apple invaded Nokia's patch by launching the Apple iPhone


Vista performance updates leak on to web
Microsoft is lining up Windows Vista update packs to fix performance and reliability issues reported on the OS. And while they are not yet available to download officially from Windows Update, beta versions have been posted on some websites

iPhone interface appears on Nokia
You don't need an Apple iPhone to get the iPhone experience, it seems. Other mobile device enthusiasts are now trying to emulate the iPhone's unique touchscreen interface by developing their own version - the latest appearing on the Nokia N800

Future of Sony PS3 threatened by new lawsuit
The Sony PlayStation 3's IBM-built Cell processor infringes on a 1991 hardware patent and all existing PS3s should be "impounded and destroyed". That's according to a complaint filed against Sony this week

Get free-to-air HD TV for £99
TV tuner specialist Hauppauge has released a new tuner card for your PC that means you can receive free-to-air HD channels for a one-off payment of £99. You will, however, need an existing satellite dish

Gates dismisses Google phone challenge
Bill Gates has dismissed Google's chances of becoming a successful competitor in the smartphone software market. In an interview with The New York Times, Microsoft supremo Gates questioned Google's mobile strategy

Apple sued over iPhone, iTunes
Apple has been slapped with two very different lawsuits, alleging sharp practices in both the iPhone and on iTunes. The first case revolves around claims made about the iPhone's battery life; the second centres on Apple's right to sell songs