Best of w/e 3rd August 2007

It's official: Denon UK to go Blu-ray
Denon has finally revealed more details, specs and pictures on the DVD-3800DB Blu-ray player, and DVD-2500BT Blu-ray disc transport. The company says its taken the time to do Blu-ray right


Facebook visits jump 270 per cent
According to new social networking web stats released today, Facebook had more than 52.2 million users worldwide during June. That's a jump of 270 per cent compared to June 2006

Official: new Macs coming next week
Apple has invited US journalists to a special event in Cupertino next week - and this time it's the Mac, rather than the iPod or iPhone that's in the frame. The consumer-oriented iMac is the most likely candidate for a refresh

PlayStation 3 to get FreeView TV tuner
Sony has revealed exciting new plans for the PlayStation 3 games console - including one that will turn it into a digital video recorder. The news emerged in an interview with the head of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment NZ

Official: iPhone software update released
Apple has released the first software update for the iPhone. Version 1.0.1 of Apple's iPhone software has been made available at the same time as a raft of patches for Mac OS X

How fast is your broadband?
A leading consumer group has slammed advertised UK broadband speeds "that seem to bear little resemblance to what most people can achieve in reality." Which surveyed its members and found that less than 30 per cent were satisfied

Hitachi springs Blu-ray camcorders on world
It's just two weeks after we caught whiff of a rumour that Hitachi would be releasing a Blu-ray camcorder in the autumn. But the Japanese company has announced that the portable high-definition technology is, in fact, ready now


Microsoft steps into ad-supported software
Microsoft has indicated it will be offering a free, ad-supported version of its Works software. Works, which includes a word processor and spreadsheet app, is often given away with new PCs

NASA says no to iPhone
Spoilsport space agency NASA has decided against giving astronauts the Apple iPhone - and is forcing other smartphones on them instead. NASA officials made the decision last month after agreeing that the iPhone was not "enterprise ready"

Xbox 360 modders arrested in sting operation
Microsoft has expressed its support for a massive sting operation which wentdown in the US on Wednesday. Operation TangledWeb' saw US customs raid 30 locations in 16 states. They arrested those thought to be involved with console modification chips

Why the internet is killing good music
Rock legend Sir Elton John hates the internet and believes that websites and blogs are a negative force on music and creativity. The outspoken Rocket Man claims that the web stops people "going out and being with each other, creating stuff"


AMD reveals native DisplayPort graphics chip
AMD has successfully tested the first PC graphics chip with native DisplayPort capabilities. The new chip is expected to go on sale in 2008. DisplayPort is a new high-fidelity digital audio and video interface. Its backers hope it will replace DVI and HDMI

Save your money; get slower broadband
You're better off saving your money and going for a slower broadband package where you get the speeds you're promised. That's the advice from the head of broadband comparison service,

Google Phone prototype revealed
Google has been showing off prototypes of its Google Phone to mobile network operators, as its plans to introduce a Google-branded mobile handset accelerate, according to reports

Wishing for an iPhone without the phone
Five products that we'd like to get our hands on right now - an iPhone (without the phone bit), a cooler-running Xbox 360 and one of Pioneer's brand-spanking new 'Project KURO' HD plasmas

New Bluetooth tech makes it easy
Bluetooth devices will become easier to pair with each other and use, now that the latest version of the wireless communication specification has been given the green light

Is Facebook deleting user accounts?
We've had reports from several Facebook users that their accounts are unavailable or, in some cases, completely deleted. One person says that their account has disappeared, with none of their friends able to see them or communicate with them