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Sony's first DAB radio unveiled

The new Sony C3P0 DAB radio, or whatever it's called

Sony seems to have been woken up by its new DAB radio alarm clock. The snappily named XDR-C705, pictured here, marks the company’s first tentative steps into the DAB market, currently owned by Roberts and Pure in the UK.

“A delight to the eyes and the ears, the XDR-C705 is compact and neat, perfect for fitting into the modern home. The large LCD display has 3 brightness settings - high, medium or low - so you chose the ambience of your bedroom when drifting off to sleep.”

Good looking DAB

The radio has both FM and DAB tuners, space for 20 preset stations, an adjustable dimmer and is proof positive that Sony needs to employ some better product naming specialists.

It is set to cost around £60. While it certainly looks the part, TechRadar will reserve judgement until we’ve given it a thorough testing, so watch out for our DAB alarm clock round-up in the coming weeks.