Apple AirPods on sale for first time ever

Apple AirPods discount

In conjunction with the elimination of the headphone jack on iPhones, Apple released its wireless earphones, the AirPods, at the end of 2016. In that time, they've become immensely popular despite the fact that they are rarely available for less than their original list price of $159. Well, that's changed. Today, Amazon has put them on sale for $145. (Adorama has them for the same price.)

While it's only a $14 drop, that represents one of the only times we've seen AirPods for below list price. In fact, due to demand, they're more expensive than their list price. But who knows how long this price will last, so better jump on it quick.

Apple AirPods for $144.99 at Amazon
Get these immensely popular wireless earpods for $14 less than their list price, a rare discount. They go for 5 hours on a charge and come with their own charging case. And of course, they're compatible with your iPhone.View Deal