AMD is front and center in Acer's latest Nitro 5 and Swift 3 notebooks

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AMD may not have the strongest footing in the mobile computing space, with most (currently all) of the best laptops and best gaming laptops powered by Intel processors (CPUs) and Nvidia graphics processors (GPUs). But, Acer has turned to AMD to power its latest Nitro 5 gaming laptop and thin-and-light Swift 3 notebook.

AMD has seen its processor sales ramp up, thanks to the introduction of its Ryzen line. Naturally, the company has been going full steam ahead on Ryzen. 

While AMD's mobile CPUs have lagged behind its desktop counterparts, launching later than the desktop components, they may be on the rise.

The Nitro 5 design remains unchanged, however, it appears. (Image Credit: Acer)

The Nitro 5 design remains unchanged, however, it appears. (Image Credit: Acer)

Helpful inclusions

The inclusion of 2nd Generation Ryzen mobile processors in the new Nitro 5 gaming laptop can give the component a stronger foothold in the mid-tier gaming market, especially as the Nitro 5 is already a value option that lines up well with Ryzen's placement as a value alternative to Intel CPUs.

AMD Ryzen CPUs in the Acer Swift 3 may be an even bigger deal. The last iteration of the thin-and-light laptop running on Intel is already one of our top picks for laptops thanks to its budget value and strong performance for the price.

The new Acer Swift 3 will offer up to a Ryzen 7 3700U quad-core processor. That can come with integrated Vega 10 graphics that outclass the prior Swift 3's Intel HD Graphics 620 option, according to UserBenchmark scores. But, the Swift 3 will also get the option of dedicated Radeon 540X graphics for an even bigger performance boost.

Since AMD's components are generally more affordable than Intel's, Acer looks to be upping the premium features as well. For example, the new Swift 3 will have thinner bezels around its 14-inch display than the previous model. The Nitro 5 is getting thinner bezels, too.

Pricing and availability

In the Middle East, the Nitro 5 starts at AED 3,300 (US$ 900) while the Swift 3 starts at AED 2,000 (US$ 550). We're still waiting for Acer to talk pricing or availability for these products in other regions that TechRadar covers.

This could be a win-win for Acer and AMD. Acer is likely getting to improve the Nitro 5 and Swift 3 designs without increasing price, and AMD will get to show up in machines that have a strong shot at being popular. Acer laptops currently hold the top four spots on Amazon's best sellers list for laptops.

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