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Amazon Alexa devices drop the price massively in time for school

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Amazon put it’s smart-assistant Alexa into the spotlight after some high-profile Super Bowl commercials, but the high price of Echo devices have made them difficult purchases for some. Amazon Prime Day offered Alexa devices at lower-than-usual prices, but those deals were a little too early for back-to-school shopping. Thankfully, the deals have returned in a big way. Further deals are also available on our Black Friday page.

Right now, the Alexa devices that can get the smart assistant up and running in your home, dorm or apartment are on sale at a heavy discount from the devices’ normal price. Check out these deals if you’ve been wanting Alexa without the usual price tag.

Amazon Echo - 44% off (opens in new tab)

A brand-new Amazon Echo would normally cost $179. But right now, Amazon is offering the Amazon Echo for $80 off (opens in new tab) its own price, making it $99. 

Students looking to keep track of their calendar, mind the weather on their way to class, or just have easy control of their music, now have a cheap way to get the Alexa device that started it all. 

Alexa can play a music from Amazon Music, Spotify Pandora, and more. It’s 360-degree speaker is well suited to a small room, such as a dorm. For technophiles, it even offers an easy way to control Internet of Things devices such as smart light bulbs. And when homework is done, a quick voice command can even order pizza.

Amazon Echo - 10% off (opens in new tab)

If you already have a sound system and want Alexa’s functionality at the lowest price possible, the Echo Dot is the way to go. While it does have built in speakers, they are not as substantial as the full Amazon Echo, but it can be plugged into external speakers to pump up the audio. Since it otherwise has the same functionality as the full-size Echo, the Echo Dot paired with a quality speaker can even improve on its more expensive counterpart.

A new Echo Dot is normally $49, but Amazon has the Echo Dot on sale of $44 (opens in new tab). If you want to deck out a larger living space, you can grab a few and spread them out.

Amazon Tap - 23% off (opens in new tab)


Portable Bluetooth speakers are already a popular item, add Alexa functionality into the mix, and you’ve got a winning combo. That’s what the Amazon Tap is: an Alexa-enabled portable Bluetooth speaker. Right now, the Amazon Tap is $30 off (opens in new tab) its usual price, bringing it to $99 and matching the original Echo's sale price.

At home, the Amazon Tap can connect to Wi-Fi and sit on its Charging Cradle to act just like a normal Amazon Echo. Unlike the Echo, it can also go everywhere you do with a 9-hour battery. A Wi-Fi hotspot can keep the Amazon Tap connected for Alexa functionality on the go, and 360-degree speaker will let you jam out to your tunes like any other portable Bluetooth speaker. 

For students who want Alexa’s features while at home our out on the quad studying, this is the perfect pick at an extra low price.

Mark Knapp
Mark Knapp

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