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Patriot Viper PC3-14400 review

The ultimate in high-end memory performance

A pricier memory solution, but it will outperform much of the competition

Our Verdict

The one to go for if you want optimum memory performance


  • Outstanding performance
  • Effective cooling


  • High price

The Patriot PC3-14400 is one of the company's latest DDR3 offerings.

It's equipped with Viperfin cooling, which looks a lot like Corsair's picket fence-style DHC solutions, although without quite the same technology behind it. The kit we had clocks in with a pair of 1GB sticks

High price, high performance

The closest current competitor to the PC3-14400 is fellow Yanks OCZ's Platinum RAM, which comes in at a similar price point but features lower latency.

However, Patriot's memory beat OCZ's hands down, and it topped all of the DDR3 memory in our recent supertest – even Corsair's seriously pricey Dominator sticks. We were testing on one of the latest X48 boards though to get the most out of the memory itself.

Obviously, twice as much DDR2 RAM would be cheaper, but in terms of speed and performance, this is the best memory we've come across. You will though need one of the latest X48, P45 or 790i motherboards to take full advantage of the ramped-up 1,800MHz frequency.

It is pricey, but definitely worth considering if you're after high-performance memory.