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Verizon's new VPN stops ad tracking and protects your Wi-Fi

Verizon is looking to make surfing online safer than ever with a new VPN app for its Android and iOS users.

Safe Wi-Fi aims to protect users logging on to public networks by creating a secure online connection for users accessing the internet on their mobile device. 

Users can also designate so-called "Trusted Networks" such as those in their home, which will not be affected by Safe Wi-Fi.

Verizon VPN

The service also stops annoying pop-ups with its Ad Tracker Blocker service, which stops users being monitored whilst visiting certain sites, whilst also stopping adverts appearing without warning.

The service can even block websites that require ad tracker software to be active to access, Verizon says.

Safe Wi-Fi is available to Verizon customers now, costing $3.99 a month to users on either Android or iOS. Up to ten devices can be covered by a single account too, which is useful if you want to keep your family safe online.