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Pioneer pulls plasma plug, Sony cans CRTs

Sony Trinitron: another one bites the dust

Stopping doing stuff seems to be all the rage at the minute, with Pioneer and Sony the latest firms to cease production of significant technologies.

The cut-throat nature of the flat-panel display production business at the minute has forced Pioneer to pull out of making plasma panels entirely.

Shopping at Sharp and Panasonic

It had been cranking them out at a plant in the far south of Japan that it bought from NEC, but is now trying to sell the factory back to its original owner. Instead, Pioneer will get the glass for its flat TVs from Panasonic and Sharp.

Meanwhile in the topsy-turvy world of Japanese TV makers, Sony has pulled the plug on its global CRT business four years after quitting making the traditional TV sets in Japan.

After 40 years of bringing TV to the masses – most notably under the Trinitron banner – Sony’s CRTs have become just a footnote in the history of television as LCD, plasma, OLED and many other flat-screen pretenders forge ahead.