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BBC to change way it manages websites

BBC - changing things online
BBC - changing things online

The BBC is making a significant change to the way in which it manages its websites, with the corporation adopting a project management system that will see each site allocated a life-cycle.

The BBC is keen to improve the way in which it deals with its websites, and Erik Huggers has explained how a move to a project management system will help.

"By 2012 it's estimated that around 90% of UK homes will have access to our services via the web so it's important that we get this right," he blogged.

"Product management will enable us to think more strategically about developing our online presence, and deliver a better quality and more innovative service for audiences."

Damp squib

Huggers insists that there will be no poorly judged launches with no continuation, and that failures will be canned quickly.

"We'll no longer build websites which are published and which sit unattended and slowly degrade; products will be managed within a life cycle," he stated.

"This could mean gradual addition of new features, new content, new releases, but also includes the ultimate decommissioning of a product."

The BBC has also published a survey on why it is adopting product management.