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Review: HP Mini-Note arrives to kick Eee PC's butt

The HP Mini-Note wants a slice of Eee pie

When the Asus Eee PC 900 landed in the TechRadar office a month ago, there was an air of excitement.

The buzz was apparent even amongst those behind the scenes-types who wouldn't normally get excited about what is essentially just a new PC.

And yet when we actually saw the Eee PC 900, the atmosphere fell flat. It looked exactly the same as the original apart form a bigger screen. And a bit of extra storage and memory wasn't really enough to get anyone excited.

One month on, in comes the HP 2133 Mini-Note. It's the latest sub-notebook that's come to take a slice of Eee PC pie - and it looks like it might have a good chance to grab a lion's share.

Because while the Eee PC 900 fell down on price - £100 more expensive for only a few extra features - the Mini-Note adds a raft of features for only a little more cash.

Think the HP Mini-Note sounds interesting?

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