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Oculus Go Black Friday deal: the cheaper VR cousin of Oculus Rift on sale for $179

There's an Oculus Go Black Friday deal today that makes the mainstream-focused VR headset even more appealing – it's a small, but meaningful 10% discount.

It's just $179 at Amazon for Black Friday, when it usually costs $199. It was already at an appealing price of $199 when Facebook launched the virtual reality headset earlier this year. Now you can get it for $20 off.

Oculus Go (32GB) $199 now $179 at Amazon
The best mainstream VR headset – one that doesn't require a phone to work – is the Oculus Go, and it's $20 off. If you were going to buy this for the holidays anyway, this is a great deal.View Deal

The great thing about this particular VR headset is that it doesn't require a PC or a lot of work to set up the virtual reality experience. Oculus has made this more consumer-friendly, while still maintaining the Oculus Rift as a gamer and developer focused VR headset. 

Interestingly, the Oculus Go deal is for the 32GB version of the headset. The 64GB Oculus Go is also on sale for Black Friday 2018.

Oculus Go (64GB version) $199 now $179 at Amazon
Want more games on the headset? If you think you'll be switching between games and experiences without wanting to have to re-download content each time, choose this version. It's still has an Oculus Go Black Friday deal attached to it.View Deal

This is only one of the Amazon Black Friday deals you'll find this weekend. Oculus Go is popular, so while the discount is small, if you were going to buy it for someone (or yourself anyway), this is a good price.

Matt Swider

US Editor-in-Chief

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