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Baseball is back!

MLB Opening Day
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MLB 2023 season:March 30th - October 1st 2023
Watch every gameMLB TV ($149.99/year | $24.99/month)
Use your subscription anywhereExpressVPN $6.67/month
International live streamsSN Now (CA) | BT Sport (UK) | Kayo Sports (AU)

It seems like last year isn't that far behind us, but the opening day of the 2023 MLB season is nearly here. Plenty of off-season moves should stir things up across the league, and the World Baseball Classic even gave us a bit of much-needed access to get those springtime juices flowing. 

There are some big-time teams that made big-time changes over the winter and will look to take charge straight out of the gate. The NL East is shaping up to be extremely strong, with the 100+ win Braves and Mets running alongside the postseason favorite Phillies. In the NL West, both the Dodgers and Padres have big plans that will surely have them sitting pretty come October.

Always big contenders, the Yankees finished strong last year but didn't quite make the cut. The Blue Jays and Rays made a few off-season tweaks as well, which should keep them looking strong until the fall. 

Of course, we can't forget about the defending champions Houston Astros who have dominated the division for the past few years. The Mariners may also have something to prove out west as well.

Whoever your favorite team may be, there is sure to be plenty of action out of the gate. This year we don't even have to wait until April for baseball as the opening day of the 2023 MLB season kicks off on March 30th. 

Read on to find out how to watch your favorites all season long with an MLB live stream.

MLB live stream: watch every game in the US without cable

you can get around this by taking the VPN route (opens in new tab)

Coverage of the 2023 MLB season is available through a dizzying array of TV channels and broadcasters, including Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN, ESPN 3/ABC, MLB Network, Apple TV Plus, and Peacock TV, but it's only with MLB.TV that you can watch every single game.

The best way to watch MLB without cable:

The excellent MLB.TV streaming service shows every single game of the 2023 season. However, as they're all subject to local blackout restrictions, it's primarily suited to fans based outside of their home team's city.

However, if you happen to be traveling and need to catch your team in-market, you can get around this by taking the VPN route (opens in new tab) which will virtually re-locate you, making it look like you're accessing the service from elsewhere in an out-of-market location.

A subscription to MLB.TV (opens in new tab) costs $149.99 for the season (up $100 from 2022), though a single-team package is also available, costing $129.99. You can also pick up a far cheaper temporary subscription for $24.99 per month.

How to watch MLB blackout games and stream baseball from outside your country

MLB blackout rules mean that you can't use its otherwise comprehensive MLB.TV (opens in new tab) streaming service to watch teams within your own market – fine for Yankees fans living in Seattle for example, but not so great for those in the Bronx.

It's proving more and more to be a real pain for cord-cutters, but fortunately, VPNs help you get around this by allowing you to relocate your IP address to a different location. This means if you're an out-of-market fan that happens to be traveling to your team's home location, for example, you can still watch the game without any issues (opens in new tab).

A VPN will also work when trying to access your regular MLB streaming service (or any other sports and entertainment streaming service) from abroad when geo-restrictions would otherwise block the coverage. VPNs are legal, secure, and easy to use.

Use a VPN to watch an MLB live stream from anywhere.

ExpressVPN - get the world's best VPN (opens in new tab)

ExpressVPN - get the world's best VPN (opens in new tab)
We've put all the major VPNs through their paces and we rate ExpressVPN as the best VPN, thanks to its speed, ease of use, and strong security features. It's also compatible with just about any streaming device out there, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStation, as well as Android and Apple mobiles.

Once you've downloaded the software, just follow the prompts to install it then select the location you want to relocate your IP address to - it really is that easy.

Houston Astros

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US flag

Watch MLB live stream without cable in the States

MLB TV is still far and away the best way to watch all of your team's games for the 2023 season, but only if you live out of market. Most people are probably following a local team, however, so MLB TV isn't the best option for everyone. Thankfully, there are a handful of streaming services that have most of the major sports networks as well as regional sports networks (RSNs) so you won't have to miss a beat for the 2023 season.

Sling TV (opens in new tab)

If you only want to watch the biggest games, Sling TV is still the cheapest cable replacement service that includes many of the TV channels showing MLB action this season.

The Sling Orange package costs $40 per month and includes ESPN and TBS, with ABC coverage available via simulcasts on ESPN3, which is also included in the plan.

Sling Blue, meanwhile, offers TBS and FS1, as well as local Fox channels in most major markets. It costs also $40 per month.

Whichever plan you choose, you can get your first month for half-price (opens in new tab). You could also get the combined Sling Orange & Blue package, which costs $55 per month.

a 7-day FREE trial (opens in new tab)

A more comprehensive but costlier alternative to Sling is to go with FuboTV, which includes Fox, FS1, FS2, ESPN, ABC, and MLB Network, as well as more than 100 other top channels. Plans start at $74.99 per month after a 7-day FREE trial (opens in new tab).

ESPN Plus (opens in new tab)

If you have your eyes set on just catching a few big games this season, another great alternative is ESPN Plus for $9.99 a month (or $99.99 a year), which is showing an MLB game almost every day of the 2023 season. You can also get ESPN+ as part of the excellent value Disney Plus bundle which starts at $13.99 a month.

Image (opens in new tab)

YouTube TV is a solid service that will let you stream ESPN, TBS, FOX, and even RSNs in New York (SNY, not YES – sorry Yankee fans!), Philadelphia, and Chicago. You can snag your first three months for $54.99/month, with the price jumping to $64.99/month thereafter.

Hulu's Live TV (opens in new tab)

Hulu's Live TV plan gives you a plethora of sports channels to choose from as well, with ESPN, FS1, FOX, and assorted RSNs all making the list. Plans start at $69.99/month and even bring Disney Plus and ESPN+ along for the ride.

DirecTV Stream has plenty to offer, being one of the few streamers that throw Yankee fans a bone with YES. All the big players are here as well, with monthly service starting at $74.99/month. (opens in new tab)

DirecTV Stream has plenty to offer, being one of the few streamers that throw Yankee fans a bone with YES. All the big players are here as well, with monthly service starting at $74.99/month.

Sunday MLB on Peacock TV

here (opens in new tab)

Peacock will continue to show an MLB game every Sunday at lunchtime (ET), with its schedule available to view here (opens in new tab)

Peacock costs $4.99 a month (opens in new tab) for an ad-supported version of the service that also offers live coverage of every big WWE event, the NFL, and plenty more live sports. 

You also have the option of paying $10 a month for commercial-free coverage.

Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus (opens in new tab)

This season's Friday Night Baseball games are being live-streamed on Apple TV Plus (opens in new tab)

This year there are some changes in the booth as well as coverage, so it looks like Apple will have alleviated some of the issues from the 2022 season. 

Apple TV Plus costs $4.99 per month after a 7-day Apple TV Plus free trial, with the streaming service offering a growing library of exclusive movies, documentaries, and kids' shows.

Canada flag

How to watch MLB: live stream baseball in Canada

Image (opens in new tab)

Baseball fans in Canada can watch MLB games on Sportsnet, TVA Sports, TSN, and RDS. These channels will let you watch games online, too – either by registering with details of your pay TV provider or by signing up for a standalone streaming package.

Sportsnet is the official coverage provider for the Blue Jays, with its Sportsnet Now (opens in new tab) service starting at just $14.99 a month.

Another great option is again MLB.TV (opens in new tab), which is also available in Canada, for $149.99 for the season, or $24.99 per month. Only Blue Jays games are subject to blackouts, but as described above, a good VPN (opens in new tab) will help you get around those if you're traveling to an in-market region.

Don't forget about Apple TV Plus (opens in new tab), which is the place to watch this season's Friday Night Baseball games each week. In Canada, a subscription to Apple TV Plus costs $5.99 per month after a 7-day free trial.

Using a VPN (opens in new tab) is the way to get an MLB live stream if you're away from Canada when the game you want to watch is on.

UK flag

How to watch MLB: live stream baseball online in the UK

BT Sport (opens in new tab)

Once again, BT Sport (opens in new tab) is the main port of call for MLB fans in the UK.

BT has a £25 Monthly Pass (opens in new tab), so you can get everything BT Sport has to offer without a long-term commitment. 

The BT Sport app will let subscribers tune in on any number of devices, including mobiles, tablets, consoles, and smart TVs.

Friday Night Baseball is being shown on Apple TV Plus (opens in new tab), with a subscription costing £4.99 per month after a 7-day free trial.

For hardcore fans, MLB.TV is also available in the UK, costing US$149.99 for access to every single game of the season. 

Australia flag

MLB live stream: how to watch baseball for FREE online in Australia

via Foxtel (opens in new tab)

Baseball fans in Australia can watch the 2023 MLB season unfold on ESPN and via Foxtel (opens in new tab)

If you don't have ESPN as part of a pay TV package, your best option is to sign up for the excellent Kayo Sports (opens in new tab) streaming service. 

Kayo lets you stream on two devices with its $25 per month Basic plan, and on three devices with its $35 Premium plan, and both come with a FREE 7-day trial (opens in new tab).

You can also watch Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV Plus (opens in new tab), which costs $7.99 per month after a 7-day free trial.

However, there is a way to watch every game this season. You can do so via MLB.TV, which costs US$149.99 for the year.

Don't forget, you can take your MLB coverage abroad with you as well. For those wanting to watch home coverage of sports from overseas, a good VPN (opens in new tab) is a perfect solution.

What's new for the 2023 MLB Season?

For the 2023 season, MLB has implemented some new changes to help speed up the game, much to the chagrin of players and fans alike. With the rules fully tested in the minor leagues last year, then introduced during the preseason, it's seemingly taking some time for everyone to fully adjust. 

Here's a breakdown of what's new:

Pitch Timer: Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of the pitch clock. No longer will pitchers (or batters) have all the time in the world to do their thing. Pitchers will now have 15 seconds to work with the bases empty, and 20 seconds with runners on. Pitchers can step off the rubber twice without penalty, resetting the clock. A pitch clock violation will result in a called ball. 

On the flip side, a batter must be in the box with at least 8 seconds left on the clock and they're allowed one timeout per plate appearance. 

Shift Restrictions: The defensive shift, prevalent in recent years, is no more – kind of. Instead of being able to position wherever they want, two infielders must now be positioned on each side of second base upon release of the pitch. All four infielders need to have both feet within the further outer boundary of the infield when the pitcher is on the rubber. Any violations here will be given an automatic ball. 

Larger Bases: Perhaps the most awkward change, the bases are now larger as well. Gone are the age-old 15" bases. Here are the awkwardly larger 18" bases. The hope is that players will be encouraged to steal more frequently and also keep player safety in mind.

Automatic Runner: It's not new new, but as we've seen the past few seasons, there will still be an automatic runner on second base after the ninth inning.

Position Players Pitching: There are also some restrictions on position players being used as pitchers. Position players may only hit the mound if a game goes to extra innings, the team is trailing by at least eight runs, or the team is winning by at least 10 runs in the ninth inning.

MLB schedule 2023 highlights

While it wouldn't make sense for us to list the entire 2023 MLB schedule here, there are some big games of note we wanted to pass along. In addition to some heated matchups for opening day, there are some big rivalries as well as some destination games in other parts of the world. July will see a much-needed All-Star break before things hit the home stretch to October.

Check out the 2023 MLB schedule in its entirety here (opens in new tab)

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March 30thAtlanta BravesWashington Nationals
March 30thSan Francisco GiantsNew York Yankees
March 30thChicago White SoxHouston Astros
April 29-30th (Mexico City)San Francisco GiantsSan Diego Padres
June 24-25th (London)St. Louis CardinalsChicago Cubs
July 10-13thAll-Star BreakRow 5 - Cell 2
October 1stLos Angeles DodgersSan Francisco Giants
October 1stPhiladelphia PhilliesNew York Mets
October 1stTampa Bay RaysToronto Blue Jays

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