How to enable YouTube picture-in-picture on iPhone

Picture in Picture mode on iOS
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Knowing how to enable YouTube picture-in-picture on iPhone can prove quite handy for multitasking enthusiasts. 

Picture-in-picture lets you minimize a YouTube video to a small, movable window on your iPhone's screen and view it while navigating other apps. With the feature enabled, you can catch your favorite YouTuber’s latest upload or follow a tutorial without remaining confined to the YouTube app. 

In this article, we'll show you how to get YouTube picture-in-picture working on an iPhone to make multitasking seamless. And if you’re a vlogger, we’ve also compiled the best vlogging cameras for all budgets. 

Tools and requirements

  • An iPhone running iOS 17 or later
  • YouTube app 
  • YouTube Premium membership (depending on your region)

Steps for how to enable YouTube picture-in-picture on iPhone

  • Launch YouTube > Tap 'You' (bottom right corner). 
  • Tap Settings (top right corner). 
  • Tap General. 
  • Toggle on 'Picture-in-picture'. 
  • Open the Settings app on iPhone > General > Picture in Picture. 
  • Toggle on 'Start PiP Automatically'.

Step-by-step guide to enable YouTube picture-in-picture on iPhone

If you’re outside the US, you can’t access the picture-in-picture feature without a YouTube Premium membership. 

In the US, you can use picture-in-picture without a Premium membership, but not for content like music videos. 

Also, make sure to update the YouTube app and keep your iPhone updated to the latest version of iOS. 

1. YouTube > You > Settings

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Open the YouTube app on your iPhone, tap 'You' at the bottom right corner, and then tap Settings (the gear icon) at the top right corner. 

2. General > Picture-in-picture

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Tap General and toggle on 'Picture-in-picture'.

3. Enable PiP through iPhone Settings

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Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to tap General

Select 'Picture in Picture' and toggle on 'Start PiP Automatically'

Final thoughts

Enabling YouTube picture-in-picture on your iPhone will allow you to enjoy videos while conveniently engaging with other apps. It’s a straightforward but impactful feature that significantly improves the YouTube user experience on iOS devices. 

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