Sony's newer and slimmer PlayStation 5 just hit an all-time Aussie low

Lowest ever price on the PS5 Slim.
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If you've been biding your time to pick up your first current-generation console, want to get your hands on PS5 exclusive games or are looking for your second console of the generation, now is the time. Not only have one or two retailers hit the PS5 Slim with a heavy discount, eight of Australia's biggest retailers are selling it for a minimum saving of AU$75.

Amazon, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi,, Target, Harvey Norman, Big W,  and EB Games have all jumped on the bandwagon, with Amazon stocking the PS5 Slim at its lowest-ever price of just AU$685. While The Good Guys and EB Games are selling it at AU$724, which is still discounted, the others like Harvey Norman, Big W and JB Hi-Fi fall somewhere in between.

Possibly the final significant discount before the release of the still-not-confirmed PS5 Pro, now is the time to make the leap if you won't be upgrading straightaway. Of course, you could wait longer in the hope for a larger discount when the Pro model releases, but I wouldn't expect a discount much bigger than you'll find here, at least not for a while.

It's worth mentioning EB Games is also running a trade-in deal on the Xbox Series X that brings the Microsoft competitor down to AU$599 if you meet the trade-in criteria. And, of course, if you want the best deal on the PS5 Slim, you could possibly beat out Amazon's AU$685 at EB Games by trading in unwanted consoles, games or controllers. While it's not a bad idea to hold onto your PS4, the PS5 is backwards compatible, meaning it will play any PS4 game in your digital library.

PS5 Slim Console | AU$799 AU$685at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon AU"">PS5 Slim Console | AU$799 AU$685 at Amazon (save AU$114)Everything you want from a current-gen console, the PS5 Slim has it. And, unlike when it originally released, it no longer has really any drawbacks. The Slim is significantly smaller and even the SSD storage has increased (though I wish it was bigger still, games are only getting bigger too). If you're in the market for a current-gen console for any reason, the PS5 is the best there is and cheapest right now on Amazon.

Improving upon the PS4 (the 5th-best selling console ever) in almost every way and earning 4.5 stars in our PS5 review, we said it "offered a sublime current-gen gaming experience". If you're loyal to the Xbox brand, that probably won't swing you over to the enemy team.

However, if you've stayed agnostic in the console war or want to play PlayStation-exclusive games like Horizon: Forbidden West, The Last of Us, God of War: Ragnarok and the newly released Rise of the Ronin, then listen up.

The only real issues we had with it at the time of our testing were its less-than-ideal 825GB SSD and giant, irregular frame. Now with a slightly larger 1TB SSD and a (still irregular) design that makes it 30% smaller than the original, there's not much to dislike about Sony's PlayStation.

Capable of 4K resolution and 120fps (though whether the games can be trusted to run that smoothly is another question), an incredible (though easily drained) DualSense controller, a clean UI and almost non-existent load times, it's quite the deal at these prices.

Whether you elect to go with Amazon for next-day delivery, EB Games for its trade-in value or another personal preference, with an abundance of discounts there's no wrong choice. 

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