Should you buy an iPhone 14 Pro now or wait for iPhone 15 Pro?

Apple iPhone 14 Pro full back
The iPhone 14 Pro (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

With the iPhone 15 series probably landing in September, it’s a tricky time for the iPhone 14 Pro.

We’re close enough to the next models that it could be worth waiting, and either getting one of those or picking up an iPhone 14 Pro for less when it’s not the latest model anymore. But at the time of writing we’re still far enough from the iPhone 15’s launch that we’re in that awkward middle period.

So what should you do? Below we’ve looked at the key things you should consider before buying an iPhone 14 Pro now, including the factors above, along with the likely upgrades you’d get by waiting for an iPhone 15 Pro instead, and upcoming sales that might impact the price of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Wait if you want to get the iPhone 14 Pro for less

Apple iPhone 14 Pro home screen

The iPhone 14 Pro will probably drop in price later this year (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

When a new iPhone comes out, typically the previous model drops in price soon after. As such, with the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro and its siblings (probably in September), we’d expect to see a decline in the price of the iPhone 14 Pro.

It’s likely that Apple will discontinue the phone and stop selling it from its own online store, but third-party retailers are likely to have stock remaining that they’ll be keen to shift, so that’s an ideal time to buy an iPhone 14 Pro at a discount.

That said, you don’t necessarily even need to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro, as Amazon Prime Day 2023 is expected to happen in mid-July. We’re unlikely to see significant discounts on the iPhone 14 Pro there, but there might be some small savings to be had.

The biggest deals could instead come on Black Friday, on November 24. That date (and the days around it) will likely see massive discounts on a variety of smartphones – going by past form, and with the iPhone 14 Pro no longer being the latest model by then, it could be among them.

Buy now if you want one of the best phones as soon as possible

Apple iPhone 14 Pro home screen

The iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best phones around (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Waiting isn’t for everyone, especially if your current phone is dead, damaged, or several years old. You might really want – or even need – an upgrade soon, and in that case you won’t go wrong by buying an iPhone 14 Pro now.

The iPhone 14 Pro is one of the very best phones you can buy, and it will still be among the upper echelons when the iPhone 15 Pro launches.

It has a more powerful chipset than any Android phone (based on artificial benchmark testing), a high-end build, competitive cameras, and a clever Dynamic Island, that you won’t find on any other handset right now, other than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

So, you’ll be getting a great phone, and one that justifies its high price, even now, months on from when it first launched.

Wait if you want upgrades to the design and charging port

Apple iPhone 14 Pro base

The iPhone 14 Pro is lumbered with a Lightning port (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Two key upgrades we’re expecting from the iPhone 15 Pro are to the charging port – with a rumored move from Lightning to USB-C – and to the design, with titanium sides and thinner bezels rumored.

If they sound like things you care much about, then you should wait and buy the iPhone 15 Pro instead.

These aren’t the only upgrades we’re expecting, but the others so far sound less significant. There will almost certainly be a new chipset, but with the iPhone 14 Pro already being tremendously powerful, you probably won’t notice much difference.

There’s also talk of potentially a new sensor for one of the cameras, but that’s uncertain, and the basic setup will probably remain similar, with something along the lines of a 48MP wide sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide, and a 12MP telephoto, offering 3x optical zoom.

Buy now if you’re more interested in the iPhone 16 Pro than the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro long edge with volume buttons but no SIM

The iPhone 16 Pro could be a huge upgrade on the iPhone 15 Pro (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

We’re not expecting big upgrades to the cameras, screen, or battery with the iPhone 15 Pro, so if they’re things you care a lot about then you can safely buy the iPhone 14 Pro – and perhaps upgrade to the iPhone 16 Pro in late 2024.

We haven’t heard much about that phone, but what we have heard suggests the iPhone 16 Pro will have a bigger 6.3-inch screen. That extra size might allow Apple to pack in a larger battery or improved cameras too, including perhaps a periscope lens, and maybe even under-display Face ID, which would mean a big change to the design.

So in other words then, the iPhone 16 Pro sounds like it could present itself as a much bigger upgrade than the iPhone 15 Pro, but with that being well over a year away, we’re not suggesting buying nothing until then, just buy an iPhone 14 Pro and – if these rumors pan out and are things that you care about – you might feel ready to upgrade again by then.

Don’t worry about support either way

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island

The iPhone 14 Pro will be getting updates for years (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

One final thing to note is that you don’t need to worry that Apple will stop supporting the iPhone 14 Pro anytime soon. Aside from the fact that it’s less than a year old, Apple is also very good about supporting its phones, often keeping them updated for as long as six years.

When you consider that Android phones tend to only get between two and four years of Android OS updates, that means any Apple phone made in the last two years or so will, at the very least, be supported for as long as the latest Android flagships, and in many cases longer.

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