Sell your iPhone 6: how to get the most cash for your old iPhone

Sell your iPhone 6
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Yes, it’s old hat now, but in 2014 the iPhone 6 was the jewel of the Apple iPhone range. If you’ve recently unearthed a handset and are wondering whether this eighth-generation throwback could earn you some coinage, read on. You’ll be surprised to find it can still fetch a tidy sum.

Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of options to recycle our old mobile phones and get paid for the privilege. The omnipresent eBay and Amazon spring to mind as platforms where you can sell second-hand goods to a global audience. You set the conditions of sale and decide on the price, but there’s no guarantee anyone will take the bait. Given the many companies hankering after your old mobile, what’s the best way to go about selling your phone?

If you want a fast, payment guaranteed, phone recycling services are ideal. For a start, there’s no uploading images of your device or faffing about at the post office. They offer a streamlined process in which you enter the make of your phone and detail its general condition: stating whether it’s new, working but ‘like new’, or broken. They provide a quote and organise postage and, once it’s been received, you’re quids in a few days later.

You might be convinced that the iPhone 6 is obsolete compared to its thirteenth-generation cousin the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But get this. The humble iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus remain the best-selling iPhone models EVER.

And although they lack features many users now consider de rigueur – Face ID, OLED displays, TrueDepth camera…Animoji? – the 6 series developed significantly over the years, culminating with Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. You’ll probably only receive around £40 for a used iPhone 6 with 16GB storage, but this increases as the amount of storage goes up and for more recent models of iPhone. 

So, time to convert all that aluminium and glass into cash. Below we detail how to sell your iPhone 6; where to find the best deals online; how much money you might expect for your handset; and what to check before parting with your phone.

Where can I sell my iPhone 6?

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SellMyMobile | Get up to £60 cash

SellMyMobile | Get up to £60 cash*
There are lots of websites out there eager to transform your handsets into cash. Platforms like eBay, Gumtree and Craigslist let the seller to do the legwork and list goods at a price they’re happy with, while retailers like Samsung, Apple and Vodaphone offer trade-in schemes allowing you to exchange your old phones for money off a more premium device.

There are also various online recycling companies like musicMagpie who’ll pay you for your phone and sell it on, refurbish it, or harvest its parts. But there’s no simple way to compare individual quotes against each other to know if you’re getting the best deal.

SellMyMobile, therefore, will be the perfect solution for most people. It’s an aggregation website that groups the quotes of mobile recycling services in one place, so that you can locate the highest price at a glance. Not only is selling your phone through them intuitive and painless, but if you find a better deal elsewhere within 24 hours, they’ll refund the difference. Postage is often free of charge and payment made in a matter of days, although each company has different terms, which are all neatly laid out on the SellMyMobile search results page.  . 

Sell iPhone 6: how much is it worth?

The price offered for an iPhone 6 depends on a variety of factors. Go to the SellMyMobile search toolbar and enter the make and model of the phone you’re selling. You’ll initially be presented with quotes for “unlocked” phones in “working” condition.

Update the options on the left to reflect the item you’re selling: “New” phones are still in their packing; “working” is used but ‘like new’, and “broken” includes anything other than general wear and tear. Changing the phone carrier and internal storage amount will also revise the quotes you receive.

Below we’ve listed some pay out figures for the iPhone 6 series based on different criteria, accurate as of the 24th of June 2020:

iPhone 6 16GB:

New: £50.00

Working: £40.00

Broken: £14.00

iPhone 6 32GB:

New: £62.00

Working: £43.00

Broken: £15.00

iPhone 6 64GB:

New: £60.00

Working: £50.00

Broken: £17.00

iPhone 6 128GB:

New: £63.00

Working: £53.00

Broken: £17.00

iPhone 6 Plus 32GB:

New: £60.00

Working: £60.00

Broken: £10.00

iPhone 6 Plus 128GB:

New: £80.00

Working: £71.00

Broken: £21.35

iPhone 6s 32GB:

New: £83.00

Working: £73.00

Broken: £33.10

iPhone 6s 128GB:

New: £92.00

Working: £82.00

Broken: £37.00

iPhone 6s Plus 16GB:

New: £100.00

Working: £95.00

Broken: £35.00

iPhone 6s Plus 64GB:

New: £116.00

Working: £110.00

Broken: £45.00

While the price doesn’t rise significantly with the same model of phone but higher amounts of internal storage, it does increase more substantially between different models of phones, with the iPhone 6s Plus having the greatest earning potential.

It’s also worth considering that an ‘unlocked’ phone, i.e. one that isn’t tied to a specific carrier, will result in a higher pay out than a device linked to 02, Vodaphone, or EE for example. 

How does selling your iPhone 6 work?

You can turn your desk full of discarded handsets into a hefty lump sum without so much as breaking a sweat. Just follow the process below and get cash quick for your iPhone 6.

Step 1: Find your device and pick a quote

Go to the search toolbar on the SellMyMobile website and start typing in the make/model of your phone. A list of suggestions will pop up, so just click on the version that best fits what you’re selling. Initially you’ll see quotes for a “working” model that’s not locked to a specific carrier, and most people will need to amend the options on the left e.g. internal storage amount, to best reflect the model they’re trying to offload. Pick an offer from you’re happy with, select “Next Step”, and enter your contact details.

Step 2: Pack it up and send it back

Most mobile recyclers offer a number of methods in which to return your phone to them: freepost packaging, freepost label, free returns. The majority of postage options incur no cost to the seller, but a few require you to foot the bill yourself. This is detailed beside each company’s listing. If you’re sent a freepost envelope, be sure to complete and return any forms that come with it.

Step 3: Collect your reward

The bit that makes it all worthwhile? When your forgotten old iPhone makes it rain! As soon as the recycler has received your device, and checked it matches the description you submitted online, they’ll swiftly credit the money via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque – depending on what was requested – and often within a day.

However, if they find your iPhone 6 in a worse condition than originally stated – for example, you listed it as “Working” but it’s got a damaged screen – they’ll likely offer you a revised quote. Broken items yield a significantly lower amount, so if you think you might get a better deal elsewhere, you can decline the new figure and the company will return your phone. Otherwise, simply accept the new amount and payment should follow quickly.

What to do before I sell my iPhone 6?

Check out the competition

SellMyMobile is effortlessly streamlined to make selling your phone a breeze. But it doesn’t hurt to check out a few competitors, like or Carphone Warehouse, before committing to an offer. And, almost daring you to find a better deal, SellMyMobile will refund the difference if you get a higher price elsewhere. If you’ve already been enticed by a mobile device from your favoured retailer – say Apple’s entry level iPhone SE 2020 – you could get a significant discount by trading in your phone with them.

Examine your device for damage

The iPhone is a delicate thing: its glass screen in particular, which is drawn to concrete like a moth is to flames. But there’s not much room for nuance on SellMyMobile, which requires you to list items as either “New”, “Working”, or “Broken”. “New” means the phone’s never been booted up and the wrapper is still on the box; “Working” means used but in great condition, and “Broken” covers anything from a fractured screen to being snapped in two. Different providers accept varying levels of damage, so if you’re unsure whether your phone is eligible, confirm with them directly first. 

Reset your phone

If your iPhone 6 is being sold to a recycling company or traded in, make sure that all your personal data is erased from the handset first. You can do this by simply entering the settings app and opting to Erase all Contents and Settings. 

You might want to create a backup beforehand though – say, if you’re upgrading, buying a new phone outright, or simply want to store your contacts and media files – family photos, videos, music collection, etc.  

Can I sell my iPhone 6 if it’s locked to a network?

You sure can, although the handset will fetch a lower fee than if it was sold ‘Unlocked’. The final price will also change depending on which carrier your phone is tied to. Be sure to state that your phone is linked to a network on any paperwork that might be received.

If you want to make selling your iPhone 6 a little more lucrative, you can ask your carrier to unlock the phone for you, which shouldn’t take more than a few days. Once done, you’ll need to insert a new SIM card. If that’s not possible, backup the iPhone, erase all content and settings as detailed above, and restore it using the most recent backup. 

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