The best iPhone 11 Pro deals in December 2023

iPhone 11 Pro deals are now no longer the newest option around for Apple and while that sounds's actually great news. That means the iPhone 11 Pro can finally see some significant price cuts.

While it is no longer one of Apple's newest options with the 12 range here, it does remain one of the pricier options out there but now that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 deals are available to buy, iPhone 11 Pro deals will see a significant fall in price over the next couple of months.

Older Apple devices tend to drop in cost when a new launch occurs. And while the Pro won't quite fall to the price of iPhone 11 deals which has already been cut in price, it will definitely become more affordable.

So, what are you actually getting for the lofty RRP of £1049? Firstly, it's going to be the most comfortable of the trio sitting at just 5.8-inches in size. On top of that, the iPhone 11 Pro features a triple camera set-up with some of the best snapping abilities on the market and a market-leading 4K video camera.

Other features like a 3046mAh battery, IP68 rating, impressive night mode camera, a stylish body (similar to last year's iPhone XS) and a much brighter screen compared to last year all add up for a top performance.

Below we've listed all of the best iPhone 11 Pro deals so you can find the cheapest, best and top value options right now.

iPhone 11 Pro deals comparison:

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iPhone 11 Pro review

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iPhone 11 Pro review in brief

An older but still excellent device


Screen size: 5.8-inch
Resolution: 1125 x 2436
Rear camera: 12 + 12 + 12MP
OS: iOS 13
Storage: 64/256/512GB
Battery: 3190mAh
Weight: 188g

Reasons to buy

Triple camera set-up
Incredibly powerful CPU
Great range of colours

Reasons to avoid

Visually similar to the iPhone XS

Of Apple's three latest devices, the iPhone 11 Pro slides into the middle offering an excellent blend of both price and specs. Thanks to this combination, the iPhone 11 Pro feels like the best option for a lot of people.

Rocking a 3190mAh battery, a triple camera set-up, featuring ultra-wide and telescopic lenses and what Apple claims is the fastest CPU on the market, this is a feature packed phone. It just doesn't make many improvements visually on the iPhone XS.

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iPhone 11 Pro deals: FAQ

How does the iPhone 11 Pro compare to the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro?

Now that Apple's latest range has landed, the iPhone 11 Pro no longer features as one of the newest iPhones. So the big question is how does the iPhone 11 Pro compare to the iPhone 12 Pro.

While the 11 Pro launched with a higher RRP than the 12 Pro has, it has drastically fallen in price making it the far cheaper option. However, the 12 Pro is obviously the better and more powerful device.

Not only does it have 5G capabilities but the 12 Pro also has Apple's new MagSafe feature, the latest and most powerful processor in the form of the A14 Bionic chip and an improved camera performance.

Like many comparisons, this really comes down to whether price or features is more important to you, The iPhone 11 Pro will be a lot cheaper...just not quite as up to date.

Is it worth considering the iPhone 11 over the Pro?

While similar in most ways, the Pro and regular iPhone 11 deals are going to be suited to very different people.

The iPhone 11 has two noticeable factors over the Pro - price and weirdly, a larger size. If you either want a larger device or don't want to go all out on expensive phone bills the iPhone 11 could be a stronger choice for you.

Does the iPhone 11 Pro have a good camera?

As it stands, the iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best cameras currently on the market. It offers some stellar shots, especially when it comes to night mode and portrait shots. 

While the camera has to deal with the competitors of Samsung, Huawei and Google, Apple without a shadow a doubt has the video section of the competition won.

Should I go for the iPhone 11 Pro SIM-free or on a contract?

As one of the most expensive phones on the market right now, the difficulty of buying the iPhone 11 Pro SIM-free is the overwhelming amount of money you'd need to pay.

While a contract will work out more expensive over the two year basis, it won't be quite as much of a jolt at the start. If you can afford to put the money upfront for the Pro then SIM-free will be the cheaper option.

£1000+ just too much money for you to spend in one go? iPhone 11 Pro contracts will likely be the better choice for you.

What Android alternatives are there to the iPhone 11 Pro?

While there are a lot of different devices out there that can offer a similar performance to the iPhone 11 Pro, there are a couple that best match it for price and specs:

- Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals:
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus feels like the closest option available to the iPhone 11 Pro from the Android side of the world. They come in at similar prices and offer some pretty similar specs.

In terms of cameras, Apple has the better option for general point and shoot, getting easy shots but Samsung definitely offers more features including big zooms, personalised filters and multiple lenses. 

- OnePlus 8 Pro deals:
Coming in at a lower price to the iPhone 11 Pro, the OnePlus 8 Pro feels like an excellent contender. It has one of the best displays on the market and packs in a powerful processor, impressive camera performance and a large battery.

Where it loses out to Apple is in camera and processing abilities but otherwise, the OnePlus 8 Pro is an excellent choice.

- Google Pixel 5 deals:
The latest flagship phone from Google, the Pixel 5 feels like an excellent alternative to the iPhone 11 Pro. While it isn't as powerful or as big, it is much cheaper and features a superior camera set-up.

In addition, you might also want to check out the best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals.

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