Get 20% off all Google Pixel phones with this promo code - ends today

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Are you on the hunt for a Google Pixel phone? It might just be your lucky day because Google is offering a 20% discount across the whole store for today only with the promo code: 'GOOGLESTORE20UK'. 

That's £170 off the Google Pixel 6 Pro, £120 off the Google Pixel 6 and £80 off the Google Pixel 6a - some of the biggest discounts we have seen all year for these devices.

You could bring home a top-tier device like the Google Pixel 6 Pro for just £679 - that's a great discount from its starting price of £849. It has a beautiful screen and a superb camera to challenge today's best-in-class iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S22.

Or you can go for the base model, the Pixel 6, which features Google's Tensor chipset that elevates its photo-taking capabilities beyond that of rival handsets, for £479. And for an even more affordable option, the Pixel 6a will cost you just £319. Even at that low price, it still provides good performance and a compact size for easy handling, especially if on the go.

Today's best Google Pixel phone deals

Google Pixel 6 Pro: £849£679 at Google Store
Save £170 -

Google Pixel 6 Pro: £849 £679 at Google Store
Save £170 -
The Pixel 6 Pro is the first top-tier device from Google and comes with an excellent 6.7-inch QHD+ display which looks very sharp and also features an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Its original price is already cheaper than most of its rivals, but with this discount, you will be able to snatch an iPhone 13 / Samsung Galaxy S22 competitor for the price of a mid-range phone.

Google Pixel 6: £599£479 at Google Store
Save £120 -

Google Pixel 6: £599 £479 at Google Store
Save £120 -
The Pixel 6 has one of the best cameras out there that shoots fantastic, Instagram-ready photos. It also has a vibrant 6.4-inch screen and 90Hz refresh rate that will make for smooth scrolling and multitasking. Its battery life will take you through a full day and Google claims it could go up to 48 hours with the Extreme Battery Saver mode. It's safe to say that with this offer you will be bringing home one of the top-level phones for a very reasonable price.

Google Pixel 6a: £399£319 at Google Store
Save £80 -

Google Pixel 6a: £399 £319 at Google Store
Save £80 -
If you already know you are a Pixel fan but are looking to stay on budget this is your best bet. The Pixel 6a gives you all the favourite features of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro - such as the same chipset, a good-looking screen and many of the same AI-powered camera features - at a much more affordable price. The only drawback is its battery life, which often struggles to get through a full day without battery-saving mode enabled. 

This is one of the best Google Pixel deals you will find this side of Black Friday and will be a great option for anyone in need of a new, well-performing phone. The deal will run up until midnight today, so you have most of the day to figure out whether it's for you or not. However, we expect these offers to be popular so we would recommend putting in your order as soon as you've made your decision to avoid any last-minute 'out of stock' disappointments.

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