Can’t wait for Black Friday? Act fast and get a great deal on a Sony or Samsung 4K TV

Don't Miss these early John Lewis TV deals
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If you don't want to wait until November to snatch up a Black Friday deal on a new TV, then you're in luck. John Lewis is giving My John Lewis members a £100 gift card when they buy select TVs and other gadgets before October 31. 

Our favorite of the deals has to be this Sony Bravia XR A80J 55-inch OLED. Not only will you get a TV with a sharp and vibrant image but it has a solid audio performance too. That said you might still want to pick up a cheap soundbar deal if you can as it'll give your home cinema a bit of extra oomph.

What makes this deal particularly great is that unlike Amazon Prime and its exclusive sales, ike the October Prime Day that just passed, My John Lewis is completely free to sign up to.

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Today's best TV deals

Sony Bravia XR A80J 55-inch OLED TV: £1,399

Sony Bravia XR A80J 55-inch OLED TV: £1,399 £999 at John Lewis
Save £400
– We've seen this deal on a great OLED TV around at a few stores, but the reason the John Lewis' offer is a cut above the rest is that My John Lewis members can get a £100 e-gift card on top of the £400 saving they're already getting (effectively saving you £500).

Samsung QN85B 55-inch Neo QLED TV: get a free £100 gift card at John Lewis

Samsung QN85B 55-inch Neo QLED TV: get a free £100 gift card at John Lewis
If you value bright bold colors over detailed dark scenes then this deal on a high-end Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV could be the one for you. Considering this is one of the brand's newer and best TVs we don't expect to see any major discounts during Black Friday, so nabbing a £100 gift card with this £1,199 purchase doesn't look like a bad deal.

Samsung BU8000 75-inch 4K TV: get a free £100 gift card at John Lewis

Samsung BU8000 75-inch 4K TV: get a free £100 gift card at John Lewis
If you're happy to accept a slight downgrade on the image quality to get a much larger telly, you can instead snag a £100-gift card at John Lewis by picking up this 75-inch 4K TV from Samsung. That's not a massive discount on its £1,159 asking price but it's the cheapest we can find it right now so if you're desperate to get a new TV and can't wait for Black Friday sales then this could be the deal for you.

Many of the 4K televisions included in the John Lewis sale right now are some of best TVs to be released this year. This means that while they might show up, we don't expect them to be the biggest, nor the best Black Friday TV deals we see this year.

Because of this, while a £100 gift card might not be the biggest TV discounts we'll see during Black Friday, it'll likely be one of the better deals we see for many of the specific models included in the John Lewis sale. As these were recently released and top-of-the-range, it's unusual to see any discount at all. 

It's also not just TVs that are included in the My John Lewis member gift card sale. You'll also find deals that may rival some of the best Black Friday camera deals and Black Friday coffee machine deals that we see in 2022 too. So even if you decide your home cinema doesn't need a new display, it's definitely worth checking out what John Lewis has to offer.

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