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Someone holding a Nikonc camera
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With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, everyone is on the lookout for amazing prices on all kinds of tech – and cameras and photography equipment are sitting at the very top of holiday wish lists. Whether you’re a weekend snapper discovering a new passion for photography, or a seasoned pro whose closet is already bursting with old gear, there’s almost nothing as exciting as treating yourself to a much-deserved upgrade. 

Unfortunately, it’s tricky to justify a brand new purchase when prices are high and many people already have so much unused tech gathering dust in our homes. This is where MPB, the world's largest global platform to buy, sell and trade used camera gear, can help. 

Not only does this completely circular platform give all kinds of people access to top-quality photography and videography gear at a much fairer price, but it also gives you a safe and secure platform to sell your old cameras and equipment, too. This means you can offset the price of your new camera setup, do a little good for the planet, and help the next generation of visual storytellers gain access to affordable equipment and gear. So, how does it work, and why is this such a game-changer for photography enthusiasts?

Someone holding a Nikonc camera

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Billions in unused tech

MPB’s 2022 ‘Used Tech Survey’ revealed some surprising truths: Americans across the country are sitting on over half a trillion dollars worth of tech they no longer use, from TVs and smartphones to gaming consoles and beyond.  The average US adult has almost $2500 worth of unused gear, and most own at least one camera they no longer shoot with. Yet, despite a majority of adults reporting that new technologies are much too expensive, half have never traded a used item for a new one. 

And truthfully, it's understandable. Selling equipment can be a super complicated process, requiring more time than most people can spare, and it feels seriously risky when you don’t know who you’re actually selling to. This is why MPB’s platform is so exciting, giving people a super fast, super safe way to sell their equipment for real cash. 

How it works

If you’re thinking about selling some old gear or camera equipment on MPB, the first step is to get a free instant quote. You just need to enter the item model and pick a cosmetic condition rating on MPB’s site. Then the impressive dynamic pricing engine will analyze live market data and other pricing factors (such as age, popularity, and brand), using this information to provide an up-front quote you can rely on. This means you can avoid a difficult negotiation process and rest easy knowing you’re getting a fair price for your preloved gear. 

MPB goes a step further, too, by providing free insured shipping via FedEx Ground. You can drop your gear off at an authorized FedEx location, or schedule a free home pickup – no printer required! You won’t have to worry about hidden fees or shipping costs, saving you valuable time and money, and you’ll know that your equipment will make it to a new home safe and sound. 

Quality assurance for both buyers and sellers is a key passion point at MPB, so once your gear has been received, a team of expert product specialists will inspect each item and adjust your quote if necessary. They’ll give your gear a rating such as ‘well used’ or ‘like new,’ so potential buyers have picture-perfect expectations – with no requirements for you to upload the perfect photo or write an in-depth description. If you’re happy to confirm the sale, MPB will send payment directly to your account in just a few days, so you can purchase that exciting new camera or lens you’ve been eyeing, guilt-free. It really is that simple. 

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Upgrade your visual storytelling

By making it easy to sell your used equipment online, MPB is giving visual storytellers across the world a chance to trade up their gear and take their passion to new heights. Use the money you earn from selling to offset the costs of new equipment, or even better, find an amazing second-hand deal by sticking with MPB’s user-friendly platform. Everything from grips, lenses and drones to the latest and greatest cameras are available, for (on average) a third less than buying new. 

This is the smart, sustainable, and completely circular way to embrace visual storytelling in all its forms, so what are you waiting for? If you’re thinking of selling your old gear for extra cash this holiday season, get an instant quote today.