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The best student broadband deals September 2022: cheap internet offers for university

student broadband deals
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With universities soon to start their new term, student broadband deals will suddenly be a very useful investment, whether you live in a big household or on your own.

So if you've been tasked with tracking down the internet for your house, where should you start? Well there's a few factors to consider - how much do you want to spend, what speeds do you need and what kind of contract will you sign up for?

Obviously, you could simply save your money for student nights and Two for Tuesdays by going for the cheapest broadband deals but, these will often limit your speeds greatly.

Instead, most of the best student broadband deals will be offering fibre broadband at its cheapest prices. This will likely mean skipping out on the likes of BT, Virgin and Sky in favour for Vodafone, TalkTalk, Plusnet or other similar providers.

And if you can, you'll want to get your hands on the rare 9 month internet plan to line up with the academic year or alternatively, a 12 month contract instead.

Below we've picked out all of the best student broadband deals for you to compare and answered some key questions.

Student broadband deals

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There is a wide range of student broadband deals out there and they are all distilled easily for you in our price comparison below. Our comprehensive best broadband deals hub is also worth a read if you're a bit unsure what you should go for.


Student broadband deals: FAQ

What internet speed should I get?

There are a few different categories when it comes to internet speeds - the main ones are ADSL, fibre and superfast fibre. For most, ADSL will prove to be slightly too slow, especially if it isn't just for one person.

Instead, the majority of people will find that fibre is the best option. This blends the more affordable pricing with faster speeds which is perfect for the majority of households.

However, if you're someone who is studying an internet intensive degree - we're looking at you film students - you'll need something faster. The same goes for large households of 6+.

For these kind of groups, it is well worth going for a superfast fibre plan with speeds exceeding the 100Mb+ mark. However, these can be quite expensive so won't be right for everyone.

Do I need to get a phone line as well?

The very large majority of broadband deals automatically come with a phone line when you set-up a new plan. Some will charge you for this like Virgin and others will be a free.

What will the length of the contract be?

This does completely depend on the plan that you end up going with. These span from 1-month rolling and 9 month contracts which are pretty rare and usually very pricey, through to more common options.

We tend to see the most common options as 12, 18 or 24 month contracts. These all frequently occur but 24 month options are quickly becoming the norm. Luckily, we still see lots of 12 and 18 month contracts too for shorter options.

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