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Black Friday cashback: should you use Currys 5% money back credit offer?

Currys PC World
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We're all set for another round of Black Friday fun and games, which means TechRadar will be scouring the web for the very best deals and discounts, and you (hopefully) will be taking advantage – and we're here to tell you about one offer in particular that's worth looking into.

It's called the Curry's 5% money back credit offer, and it works exactly as you might expect, given the name: every time you shop online or in-store using the Currys Flexible Credit plan, you get 5% back to spend on whatever you like from Currys Black Friday deals, as well as regular stock. It's simple to take advantage of, and we'll explain here everything you need to know.

There's some small print, which we'll get on to in a moment, but that's the gist of it – and if you were planning to spread the cost of your Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping anyway, then it makes sense to get a little bit of cash back at the same time.

Read on for all the details you need to know about the Currys 5% money back credit offer: what it is, how it works, what the terms and conditions are, and whether or not you should take advantage of it.

Currys 5% money back credit offer: how it works

First of all, you need to apply for a credit account with Currys – you can do that fairly simply online here. You'll need to be aged between 18 and 80, be resident in the UK, be in full-time employment (or have a spouse who is), and have a gross annual income of more than £10,000.

You'll also need to specify the bank account that you want to use for your direct debit payments – the smaller chunks of money that you're splitting the full purchase price (plus interest) up into. If you prefer, you can apply once you've picked something online and are going through the checkout process, or you can apply in a Currys PC World store.

Once you've got a credit account set up, you need to select it as the payment option when you're paying for whatever it is you've bought. You'll get a voucher emailed to you for your 5% money back, which you can then use against a future purchase from Currys PC World, either online or in-store – within certain dates, which we'll explain now.

Currys 5% money back credit offer: the small print

Currys PC World

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The first bit of small print involves the dates of the offer: you need to make your initial purchase (using flexible credit) between the 26th of September and the 29th of October, 2019. You'll then get your email credit voucher in your inbox between the 30th of October and the 7th of November.

The 5% you get back applies to everything you spend, through flexible credit, at Currys PC World. So you could make three purchases totalling £1,000, and get £50 back, for example. You then need to spend your evoucher between the 8th of November and the 24th of December – perfect for some Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas shopping.

One last bit of small print, which is the APR or annual percentage rate – it's typically 24.9% using the flexible credit plan (though double-check, because it might vary), so you're paying an extra quarter on top of the original price in return for being able to spread the cost. The exact payments and interest owed will be explained when you apply for credit.

Currys 5% money back credit offer: should you use it?

You'll come across many different plans similar to the 5% money back credit offer being run by Currys this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The advantage is you don't have to pay a big lump sum all at once, so you can spread the payments to fit in the monthly amounts you get from your employer; the disadvantage is that you end up spending more money overall, with the added interest.

It really depends on your own personal circumstances and how stable your finances are – but remember that no bit of tech is worth getting into debt over. However, if you are going to sign up for one flexible credit plan, then the Currys one is very appealing... because you get that 5% back to spend on something else.

If you're going to take the plunge then we'd recommend using it for smaller payments, so you're not stumping up too much in terms of extra interest. You won't get as much back with the 5% voucher of course, but you should still be able to treat yourself to something – maybe a protective case for your new smartphone? You could also use the 5% voucher to knock some of the price of a bigger purchase.