Pixel Buds Pro rumored to be getting two new colors to match the Pixel 8

Google Pixel Buds Pro on silver backgorund
The Google Pixel Buds Pro, in white (Image credit: TechRadar)

The next grand unveiling of new Pixel hardware is officially set for Wednesday, October 4, and it seems that as well as getting new smartphones and a new smartwatch, we'll also be treated to two new colors for the Pixel Buds Pro.

This is according to tipster Paras Guglani and 9to5Google, who both say that Porcelain and Sky Blue colors will soon be joining the four existing shades that you can get the Pixel Buds Pro in: Charcoal, Lemongrass, Fog, and Coral.

These colors are apparently making their debut in order to match two of the colors of the Pixel 8 Pro. You may remember that a Google promo video recently leaked showing off the Pixel 8 Pro in what we now assume is a Sky Blue shade.

And we've seen Porcelain too, it would seem: earlier this week an image on the online Google Store was discovered that showed off the Pixel 8 Pro in Porcelain (and also gave us a glimpse of what we assume is the Pixel Watch 2).

Pixel Buds Pro past and future

The Pixel Buds Pro launched in late July 2022, and were the first from Google with active noise cancelling. They're still Google's flagship earbuds, and they're available for $199.99 / £199 / AU$199 from Google's own store at the time of writing.

This will be the first time the Pixel Buds Pro have been given new colors since they made their debut, but it's not a complete surprise: hidden references to other shades, including Porcelain, have previously been spotted in the companion app.

All should be revealed on October 4. That's when Google is almost certain to unveil the flagship Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, both of which have been leaking extensively over the last few months.

It would appear to be a good bet that the Google Pixel Watch 2 is going to make an appearance as well. TechRadar will of course be covering the event live, and bringing you all the announcements as Google makes them.

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