LG DNX190UH review

Features galore at a price that's hard to beat

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Our Verdict

A USB input and DVD-Audio are great extras on this slim good value deck


  • Surprisingly strong features count
  • Excellent picture quality


  • CD playback only good, not great

LG has a habit of producing feature-packed products at knockdown prices, and the £90 DNX190UH continues that trend. Its most interesting feature is the USB port on the fascia to plug in external flash memory devices and play photos or music files.

It also boasts 720p/1080i upscaling, and it'll play DVD-Audio although only in two-channel but that's more than we would expect. It also plays all recordable DVDs except DVD-RAM, and is compatible with MP3, WMA, JPEG and DivX.

LG has crammed all this into a box just 35mm high, which is ultra-slim even compared with other 'size zero' players while the silver and black styling is hi-tech and alluring.

On the rear there's an HDMI output, component video output (which can also output upscaled 720p pictures), an RGB Scart and both types of digital audio output.

Hooked up using the RGB Scart, pictures are hugely positive. The vibrancy and purity of the colours is a real treat, while skin tones look convincing and shadow detail is expertly conveyed.

Switch to HDMI and there's an instant improvement in image clarity, with edges fractionally cleaner, but upscaled pictures don't offer a big difference if your TV's own upscaling is up to scratch.

DivX playback is slick and as a CD player there are no complaints, though it's less refined than more upmarket decks.

With good performance and decent features, the DNX190UH is bargain and sets the standard for entry-level DVD decks.